A new look verandah/balcony/terrace/patio in my Thai Village

I have got many gardening blogs to catch up on due to my computer being out of action so here is a simple one to get us started.

Plants are cheap here in Thailand. Ridiculously cheap. So cheap that you double your plant order without even blinking just in case you under estimated the number of seedlings you might need. So cheap, it makes me lazy to grow anything from scratch so a few weeks ago we drove into Det Udom (one hour away) to fill up the ute with plants and pots.

For $100 we came away with a full load of 250 seedlings, a dozen or so larger plants, a selection of pots and a 10 bags of potting mix. Here are a few photos that show some of what we purchased.

Amongst a whole lot of other gardening projects of which I will blog about soon I got hold of some plants and pots and set about turning our small verandah from an empty wasteland into a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch village life slowly (but noisily) slip by.

It changed from this:

To this:

I was very happy with the finished results and I finally have the small but practical verandah that I always wanted.

7 responses to “A new look verandah/balcony/terrace/patio in my Thai Village

  1. You are a ball of energy and I love all the work you have done and am looking foward to the finished project, I know the wife is happy to see her home looking soooo pretty and a great place to relax as well . take care and keep up the good work , you know Work facinates me I could lay in the Hammock and watch it all day ha ha . Malcolm

  2. Well done !

  3. Ditto! Yawn, z z z zzzzZZZZZZ lol

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  7. Amazing how one small plant (or many) can make a place feel so homely.

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