Ubon Ratchathani to Australia – on our way

I am typing this from Changi aiport in Singapore, three hours into a ten hour layover. I thought I would type up a quick blog to let you know what was happening. Sorry for going quiet again but we left the village on Friday at 4am, drove to Ubon then flew to Bangkok. We had four days in the big smoke and had a lot of jobs that needed to be done hence the lack of updates.

We left this morning from Bangkok nice and early and will arrive in Darwin tomorrow morning at 4am. We then have a 9 hour drive ahead of us but unlike last time have decided to stay a night in Darwin to rest up.

We only intended on staying 6 – 8 weeks in Thailand but it ended up being 10 with lots of great stuff happening to blog about. Please give me a few days and once we have settled back into Aussie life I will get back to the blog as I have over a dozen subjects with photos all saved ready to add words to them before publishing.

Seven hours to go – lucky I am at Changi airport and not that boring glass hot box in Bangkok as there is so much to do here!

3 responses to “Ubon Ratchathani to Australia – on our way

  1. Carla Andersen

    Hey Andrew — God bless your journey! I’ll be interested in reading your future blog subjects as you have time to complete them! Cheers — Carla

  2. Goodonya mate! Good to see your trip was ‘productive’ and that you are on your way to your ‘other home’ in beautiful WA. Chokdi and safe journey for you ALL to wherever and back again! Definitely catch yuou up on your ‘blog sight’ and hopefully your next trip.

    We are off tomorrow from Sydney, coupla days in Bangers and back to Ubon.

    Best regards to you and your LOVED ones,

    TC and Noi

    PS I tend to agree with you ~ Singapore airport is a good ariport to be in re long waits (I tink I caught a movie last time I was there? Long time ago, 2002 from memory).

    Take GOOD CARE of your self and each other ~ all the best for Easter. Cheers

  3. Thank you Carla for your good wishes. Also great to hear from you TC. I did have a peak at the cinema but no movies suitable for kids so gave it a miss. Checked out the butterfly garden though and had a bit of a play on a play ground. The girls are now all laying about on the floor with a great view of all the planes. Seerung trying to sleep and the girls playing on the ipad. Only three hours to go!!Have a safe trip back your self to my other home!

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