Haircuts for my girls in Ubon

During a recent trip to Ubon we stayed at our home away from home, the Sunee Grand Hotel. The hotel is part of the biggest shopping complex (City Mall) in the district of Ubon Ratchathani and downstairs next to the Siam Fish Spa is a great little hair dressers. Seerung has used them before and was happy with what they did so we decided it was time for the young ones to be shorn.

Marisah’s hair in particularly was getting harder and harder to deal with so as much as I didn’t want to loose any of her gorgeous ringlets something had to be done.

First up though was Ariya. She was as keen as mustard to get into the hot seat as she wanted to have a hair cut just like her Mum had done the previous week.

And here is a very happy girl with the finished product. She loved it but was a little worried that by the time she got to visit Grandma it would be back to being long again and that Grandma would not notice it.

Next up was Marisah and as you can see, she was not very impressed at all about having to go under the scissors.

Look at those curls!

I got called away for a bit towards the end so never got a chance to take a final photo until later that night when she was asleep. Thankfully not all the curls had been taken off and I thought it looked really good. Marisah couldn’t have cared less!

As you might have guessed we are now safely back in Australia and have settled back in somewhat. Our new house here is progressing well and we are hoping and praying that it will be ready for us to move into before the baby is born.

8 responses to “Haircuts for my girls in Ubon

  1. Gorgeous girls xx

  2. I might get my hair cut there as well, the hairdresser does a good job 🙂 Like her Tattoos as well. Doe she have any peircings?

  3. I had to laugh at that photo of Marisah! It reminded me of a time I went to a hairdressers and was NOT HAPPY. I refused anything that would make it fun. Mum and the hairdresser were conspiring against me, I was sure! I did get over it, about halfway through the job, and left a little more subdued, I think. Don’t worry, it was a long time ago!

  4. You are NASTY!

  5. Ariya, your new haircut is beautiful.
    Love Grandma

  6. Georgeous girls with and without all their curls! Hah! I used to have curly hair ~ once upon a long time ago! Sook n sob. Cheers and hope your home is ready too! Chokdi guys n gals! Thanks again for your ‘blogs’ Andrew!

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