Our new Thai (squat) toilet finally finished

Just when you though it was safe to start reading again….. I start blogging about the toilet once more!

I promise that this will be the last post about our new throne for quite some time! I was just going through some photos from the last Thailand trip when I realised that I had not shown you all the finished product after a few coats of paint.

Part one and two was all about the construction phase while part three was the finished product before the painting began. I decided to take on the painting project myself to get in a little practise before painting my new house in Australia. This of course meant that I dragged it out over a few weeks.

For those too lazy to read back I will quickly recap the series of bogs blogs about this exciting toilet. After finishing the house upstairs which of course included quite a nice toilet we soon discovered that visitors or workers were too shy to use it when nature called. Instead they would quickly disappear for home without saying anything before suddenly reappearing again. When we built the 2nd kitchen downstairs we knew that we would be spending more time downstairs ourselves so put ‘build a new toilet’ on the shopping list.

Door, glass bricks, sink, tap, bum gun, toilet, toilet stand, water jar, light, towel rail, plumbing connections, pipes and tiles was 5584 baht. ($185). 130 bricks @ 4.8 baht each = 624 baht ($21). 6 x 50 kg bags of cement @ 115 baht each = 690 baht ($23). Wages for 4 days for 2 people was 3,000 baht ($100). Total price = 9,898 baht or $329.

I am sorry about the quality of the photos taken inside but I remembered only on our last night that I had not taken any pics so I had to take them in the dark as we were leaving before sunrise the next morning.

So without any further ado(do) I present to you all our new Thai Squat Toilet!

13 responses to “Our new Thai (squat) toilet finally finished

  1. What?! No help handle? Hahaha! Nice toot!

    • Hi Terry,

      We are all young and super fit so no handle needed. :)-

      Next year might be a different story. A very cold morning might even see one added to the shopping list!

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  3. That is a flash squat crapper mate. I hope you can aim straighter than you do on the basketball court 🙂

  4. Andrew – I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you’ve written a very ‘bog’ standard post.

    10,000 baht for a new loo is pretty damn good and I like the colour scheme.

  5. Very bog standard, I agree. Sorry to dump it on you.

  6. Thomas Crapper himself (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Crapper) would be proud to take a dump on that lav matey. Well done, now all you need to do is understand how to use it without your legs trembling. From experience I find stripping off totally the best option rather than landing a turd in the bottom of your trousers.

    On another subject how are you. Hope the family and yourself are doing well.

    Cheers, Jay

    • Hi Jay,
      Great to hear from you mate and thanks for your kind toilet comment! I agree with you on the stripping off way of using a squat – no wet shorts that way either from the always wet toilet floor.
      We are all well thanks. Moving into our new house tomorrow here in Australia and baby no 3 is due on Wednesday!

  7. Oh the joy…squat loos, my favourite, not! Just kidding, it looks flash, well done. Don’t think I’ll be installing one back in Oz…but the bum gun, well maybe I’m warming to that idea.


    • Oh the bum gun, I love the bum gun! There are a couple of homes in Australia that now have a bum gun left over by previous home owners! 😉 I just put our new one in on Friday! Thanks for the reminder Snap, I think I may have to dedicate an entire blog to the subject real soon.

  8. No reply for me! ……. Donkey 🙂

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