Monteera Resort and swimming pool Det Udom มนธีรา รีสอร์ท เดชอุดม

Living (or visiting for a long period of time) in such an isolated part of the world one tends to notice things that we take for granted ‘back home’. For me one thing that I pick up on more often then not is any new restaurants that serve something different then local Thai food as well as anything that I might enjoy taking the kids to such as a park or a swimming pool.
It was for this reason that when I read on a Thai web forum about a swimming pool located at a resort in the nearby town of Det Udom that I thought I would pay it a visit on my next trip to town.
Although an hours drive away, Det Udom (เดชอุดม) is the nearest place to my house with a half decent hardware store, chemist, photo lab and supermarket so driving their has become a regular excursion.

We arrived at the Monteera Resort (มนธีรา รีสอร์ท) around midday on a week day. It was quiet when we arrived but by the time we left two hours later quite a few tables were full with local business people enjoying lunch although no one else was in the pool.

The kids were excited to see the pool and even happier when they realised it was a planned trip and that their bathers had come along for the ride as well. The pool was larger then I imagined and the kids and I had a great time splashing around while Seerung sat pool side and started to order lunch.

It was a real shame that after only 15 minutes we had to get out of the pool due to the high chlorine level. All our eyes had started to hurt after just a few minutes in the water but the worst was yet to come.

Lunch soon arrived and once again we were let down somewhat with the quality of what was served up. The Thai food was pretty good but the western food was very average. I must admit though for the price I did not expect anything better then what we got.

Half way through eating lunch Ariya started to complain that her eyes were getting worse. I took her to the showers and cleaned her up and got her out of her bathers but still she said it was getting worse. By the time we paid our bill and headed back to town she was in real pain so we took her straight to a chemist where I bought some eye drops which we administered in the car park. It took a good five minutes to get the pain under control. Marisah and I were also suffering but not as bad.

Seerung vowed then and there that she would never return but in this area of the world beggars can’t be choosers and I would be prepared to give it another go on the off chance that perhaps they had mixed up their chroline levels that day or had just put it in the pool before we arrived.

If I was to convince the wife to join me I can be assured that I will need to be in the pool for a full 30 minutes to see how my eyes fared before she would ever let the kids in again.

The swimming pool aside it is still a nice place to chill out and relax with some food and a cold drink. If there is a group of you and you plan to settle in for the day then perhaps one of these huts will suit.

I noticed that they also have an enclosed air condition part of the complex that would be great for a function. The room is very large and would easily handle large business meetings or even a wedding.

The Monteera Resort would be a great place for vacation rentals and their family friendly environment allow even young children to have a good time.

To find this place is quite easy as it is on highway 24 (northern side) just 2kms from the intersection of the main road between Ubon Ratchathani and the centre of Det Udom.

This is the sign that you will need to keep an eye out for.

If you click on this screen shot that I took from Google Earth it will bring up a larger version which should make things clear as mud!

As this place is located so close to Det Udom I would recommend at least checking it out if you are in the area. However if you are looking for a good afternoon out and don’t mind a bit of a drive then I would suggest my friend Tronds place.

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  2. Mate, they don’t know how to do test the water and maintain it properly here in Thailand. The pool at the Sport School in Ubon they are very good Sunee not sure as only ever went once and was banned 😉

    My pool on the Gold Coast I loved and hated. Great as you walk out the door for a swim but the maintenance was a pain. I could do the tests in my sleep in the end. I had a love hate relationship with the pool. Great to cool off and have a beer, a party but scrubbing and all the rest a pain.

    • I have never owned a pool for that reason Brunty – too much of a pain and I am too lazy. Much better to find a neighbour who has one instead! Now please tell me more about getting banned from Sunee!

  3. I have been there a couple of times and haven’t had any complaints… Maybe i was lucky 😉 it’s very nice to read the story and see the photo’s, they bring back sweet memories. Probably will be back next month… If the weather is nice. Thanks for your story and photo’s!!

    • Hi Marc, thanks for taking the time to say hi. It is good to know that others have been there and the pool has been fine. Perhaps I had just arrived after they had added the pool chemicals or maybe that day they got it wrong. I will give it another go soon I think but perhaps this time it will just be the kids and I as my wife was pretty adamant on not going back.

  4. We have been guests number of times now. We’re building our own resort. They are growing and learning. It is fine place and staff. Some of the experiences are just part of travels. Smile and La Dolce Vita.

    • They have been there for quite a while. Putting that much chemical in a pool is not an experience or learning. It was dangerous. Anyway – apart from that it was fine! Please do tell me more about your resort that you are building.

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