My Thai garden now with Turf!

With the tank now in place the yard was ready for the final instalment – turning the dust bowl into something green! With just a few weeks left before we headed back to Australia we had to move quickly to get the lawn established so decided that turf would need to be laid instead of growing it from seed.

During another trip to Ubon we visited a few garden centres on the Ubon-Trakarn road and it was at the second place that we found a company we felt comfortable with. They seemed interested and their prices were very good so everything was in place to make a start.

Unfortunately I ended up missing out on all the fun as another work trip to Laos suddenly came up. This time I did not have to go to the farm at Lax Sao but instead to the capital Vientiane to pick up a ute load of wood to transport to Nakon Nayok near Bangkok. What was meant to be a three day trip became five due to bureaucratic bollocks at the Laos border. Anyway, Seerung was left at home to organise everything and took the following photos.

This was the dust-bowl that I mentioned earlier.

The day I left for Laos we got the neighbours tractor in to even things up a bit and loosen up the top soil.

The garden centre boys arrived on time and got straight to work.

They put down some mulch first.

Then the turf was put into place.

Everything was then rolled into place.

The finished product!

I was very happy with the job they did when i got home a few days later. By the time we had left Thailand it seemed like it had taken hold really well so fingers crossed that when I next visit (only a few weeks away) that it is still thriving. From the time we pulled down my father in laws house until the turf was laid was two years. 18 months longer then we had planned but better late then never I suppose!

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  1. Hard work right, if there is possibility to remove those water butts from the garden to backyard it will be more interesting. I have seen some Thai garden designs on the web These guys seems talented team but I don’t know much about them.

  2. Round shape 2 water tanks/pots.

  3. MeMock the transformation is amazing and your neighbours must be ‘green’ with envy. You’ll have to swap your boules steel balls for a set of crown green bowling ones.

    I’ve paid for grass to be laid like this before in Thailand and believe me give it a couple of months and the joins won’t be noticeable. The only problem is you need to water the grass everyday otherwise it just dries up. A cheap sprinkler is pretty effective for doing that,

    • Crown green bowling balls huh? Thanks for the tip! As for the neighbours been green with envy – I think it is more along the lines of ‘what a waste of money – stupid foreigner doesn’t even have some buffalo to eat the grass!’ I was in charge of the watering ever day and I did it by flooding it with four hoses all on the go at once. It seemed to work for the two weeks that I was there and it sounds like that has been continued and it is going well although I wont believe it until I see it myself!!

  4. I’m enjoying (also with some envy) seeing your home develop (your family, too). You must be racking up a good few air miles, too.

    • Hi isantraveller, thanks for your comment an I am glad you are enjoying the long drawn out journey! In regards to travelling, yes it is become a bit of a chore now which for me means I must be over doing it as normally I love to travel. The problem now that I am back in Australia is that before I fly to Thailand I have a 9 hour drive just to get to the airport. Plus the connection to Singapore are few and far between and they arrive after the last flight to Bangkok. Basically it now takes me 30 – 35 hours just to get there!

  5. Great looking place! Now you need a small hole in the ground with a flagged stick in it! Hope to have a ‘cold one’ there with you someday.

  6. The lawn looks great! The preparation seemed fine, and they rolled it out well. With a bit of rain or watering, it should establish itself nicely.

    I didn’t think that there would be a retailer for sod there in the Ubon area…most of the Thai homes I’ve seen in/near the city have tiny lawns…about 1/4 the size of what you just put down.

    Quite a transformation in just a couple of years.

  7. Keeping out the weeds is a problem with my yard. I swear the neighbor keeps chucking weed seeds over! j/k I’m sick of pulling them. Got any ideas on some sprays? I checked Do Home but didn’t see anything; at least nothing I understood. They do have some containers of round up. I suppose I could walk around dabbing all the weeds with it.

    • No ideas TR! I left 2 weeks after it was laid so no idea how it is going. Will be interesting to see what it looks like when we return. I bet it is full of weeds also.

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