New Ubon Ratchathani taxi service

In recent weeks there has been a lot of expat talk about a new taxi service in Ubon Ratchathani. It is long over due as in the past unless you had the phone number for a tuk tuk driver after 7 pm you were basically out of luck to try and get around town.

I didn’t blog about it then because I had a trip to Ubon coming up and thought I would experience the service first hand, take some photos and then post the information.

Well last night I got back home after a busy two day, three night visit to Ubon Ratchathani. Unfortunately my taxi blog idea came un stuck because as I was travelling by myself I thought I would hire a motorbike from the great people at Jay Jay Motorcycle Hire.

This company really is great as they will deliver and pick up your motorbike when ever you like plus they supply good helmets and the bikes are in excellent condition.

Riding a bike around Ubon is the quickest way from A to B as well as being a lot of fun. So no taxi blog from me for now but I would like to direct you to a friends website who has just provided all the information that you need about this new service.

Click here for the details for the new Ubon Ratchathani Taxi Service.

Have any of the local readers tried the new taxis? Any feedback that you can give us?

5 responses to “New Ubon Ratchathani taxi service

  1. The link is about the motorbike hire, not Ubon taxi meter

  2. The link goes to your post of motorbike hire. Nothing about the new taxi service!

  3. I understand that we all make mistakes but some more than others and being a Sandgroper we have to be forgiving 🙂

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