Floods in Ubon Ratchathani

*Update September 25*

My good friend Brunty has just uploaded an excellent report on the current situation with some very good photos.


I realise that these floods have been happening for quite a while now but because I am not currently in Ubon and I prefer to tell my stories with photos rather then words I have not mentioned it here on the blog. Another reason is that frankly, floods seem to happen almost every year so I gave it a big yawn when I first heard the flood reports.

This flood however does seem like quite a doozy and when i came across some video footage of the Mun River แม่น้ำมูล in full flood I thought I should share it as well as seek some comments from local readers. If any locals could let me know if and how the floods are affecting you that would be greatly appreciated. Either leave a comment here (anonymous if you like) or email me direct on memock ((at)) westnet.com.au

The video was filmed on September 15 by a local who goes by the name of Jaocheu. He says “It been like this for a week now with no sign of the rain ending. The whole of Isaan (north east Thailand) is suffering pretty bad.”

“The video shows the bits of town near the raised main road, the only dry bit. A shanty town has appeared along this road and the outskirts of town has several tent villages. The whole southern bank and wall of Mun River (pronounced ‘moon’ river, Thailand’s second longest) has been submerged and the river has swamped the town.” Jaocheu said.

It is not the best bit of video work you will ever see but it still paints a good picture of the hardship locals in the Ubon area are currently experiencing. If you don’t want to watch the full three minutes then at least tune in at the 25 second mark which shows the main city of Ubon in the background.


David, an expat of Ubon Ratchathani has kindly sent me some photos of Huai Wang Nong, the large lake on the edge of the city centre. He says it is still raining and the water rising.

A very full Huai Wang Nong

Huai Wang Nong

Over flow at Huai Wang Nong

Terminus of the No 10 songthaew

7 responses to “Floods in Ubon Ratchathani

  1. Yeah, flooding never really strikes us as anything out of the ordinary, but this year is something a bit different. My wife says she has never seen it so bad. We usually avoid the worst of it in Nakon Sawan but it has taken its vengance this year and some !

  2. A friend of mine lives near the big lake, Huai Wang Nong.Not on the side, but down from it.Already flooding around there,she has moved furniture to top floor.Today or tomorrow water will reach her house and she will have to move out.Last time she was flooded out was 10 years ago,before the development of the lake.Then she and her daughters stayed in our house for a couple of months. Expect her to move in soon.
    Lot more rain than normal around here. I live near Rajavet Hospital.

    • Hi David, thanks for taking the time to drop me a line. It really does sound like it is quite serious in Ubon Ratchathani. Pretty scary to have flooding like that after the lake was built and that is so close to down town Ubon! Where you live should be fine but for others…… please let me know if you hear or see anything else.

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  4. A new website called Ubon Beat is also providing some updates. http://en.ubonbeat.com/

  5. Very good friend. That is much nicer than what you usually call me. I cannot print here as way too rude for your demographic of readers.

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