Helicopter joy ride

Last week I blogged about our decision to move back to my home town of Kununurra in Australia with a three year plan. I mentioned some of the positives of being able to live out on the original family farm here in Kununurra which my brother and his family now own and run.

I forgot to mentioned about the acres of reticulated lawn that we now have for us all to enjoy. The kids and adults really enjoy it and there is hardly a day that goes by where it is not being used for one thing or another. Games of Frisbee, soccer and football. A hit of golf and a jog. Birthday parties and picnics as well as the perfect place for a helicopter to be able to land and take off.

My brother is a pilot and has ready access to a helicopter a lot of the time so today was the day to introduce my kids into the joy of flying in something without wings.

We wondered across to the other side of the lake and joined my four nieces who were all outside awaiting their Dads arrival. Within minutes he was spotted in the south coming in low over the old dairy shed. As you can see the kids were rather excited!

Seerung decided she didn’t want to go because “Going for a joy flight is a waste of time. I will go when he takes me fishing!”

Once the chopper had landed I took Ariya and Marisah and got them settled into the back of the chopper. They seemed a little anxious but excited at the same time. Within seconds we were airborne.

After a quick look at the farm we headed east flying over paddock after paddock of Sandalwood plantations.

This photo is of my cousins farm. Her shed is in the middle of the pic and the house is in the background surrounded by trees. The water you can see is a small part of the miles and miles of irrigation channels that give the Ord River Irrigation Area farms life.

From there we turned North as in the distance we could see the dust being kicked up by her brother who was harvesting.

He was harvesting a crop called Chia which is an amazing little seed that is known as a ‘super food’.

We decided to go in for a closer look and to wave hello so after a few quick manoeuvres we pulled up alongside him.

This ended up being a mistake as almost immediately Marisah lost her lunch. The poor girl was quite upset and to make things worse the chopper had just been cleaned but the seat covers had not yet been put back on and there were no sick bags or any tissues.

She was an absolute trooper though as she had managed to catch 95% of it in her lap and she sat stoically still for the trip back home without spilling a drop. I was really proud of her as even though we had landed she still didn’t move and I managed to lift her out with all the sick still in her lap! Even better was the fact that she was in her bathers as immediately following the flight we were going to have a swim in the pool.

With the chopper still whirling away I managed to get word to my sister in law who quickly arrived with a wet towel and other cleaning paraphernalia. I quickly managed to clean up the missing 5% and before you knew it, it was back in the air.

Here I am doing a quick clean while my nieces all clamber aboard for the flight back to the airport.

After peace had returned to the farm I went and checked on Marisah. She very quickly told me that “I don’t want to go on the helicopter on another day or another day after that day. You and Ariya can go.” As I have plans that involve the kids and a lot more chopper flying I quickly set about to try and change her mind. She soon came around after I explained that she only got sick because of the tight corners that we had done. Next time I told her we will fly in a straight line….. well sort of!

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  1. Wow it’s so green! My family lived there for a short time but I never had a chance to visit, I ignorantly thought it would look like the Pilbara where I lived for many years in the red dust

    • Hi Sharon,
      Nice to hear from you. Kununurra and most of the East Kimberley is quite the oasis on the edge of the desert! I love it here apart from it being too hot!

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  3. Poor Marisah. I remember Dad flying with all of us in his four-seater (Nomi and I shared a seat) and he and Josh were trying to spot a plane wreck. He was going all in all directions – as was my stomach!

    Tight corners + looking for a plane WRECK + my stomach = not much fun. Mind you Dad had a bag handy this time!

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