Thai style fishing in Australia

Once our fearless Crocodile Whisperer had dealt with the rouge crocodile we all settled down for a morning of fishing Australian style but cooking and eating it with a Thai twist.

Ariya was the keenest and wasted no time dipping her line in the water.

My Sister in law, her daughter and my youngest (left) were a little less enthusiastic but as soon as they started biting they quickly changed their attitude!

Can you believe that all that water behind Ariya is the overflow from Lake Argyle, the 2nd biggest fresh water lake in Australia, and at that stage it hadn’t rained for over three months!

Once the fish started out-numbering the fishermen my Brother in law quickly lit a campfire and started cooking up a feast.

The younger girls were not all that interested in the fish but wasted no time devouring the dried beef (เนื้อย่าง) and sticky rice (ข้าวเหนียว) that we had prepared earlier that morning and cooked over the campfire.

After all his hard work earlier coupled with a huge feed the Crocodile Whisper also looked rather stuffed.

After eating about 1/3 of the fish and packing the other 2/3rd in the esky to take home we bid farewell to the Crocodile Whisperer and his entourage and made a slight detour on the way home via Lake Argyle to show off the massive lake to the inlaws.

Here are my two girls with their cousin and just a small part of the massive lake behind them.

After a little sight seeing we treated the kids to some yummy ice cream at the local shop before heading home and beginning the long process of gutting, cleaning and freezing an esky full of fish.

After devouring her ice cream Marisah decided to ham it up for the camera with her Daddies hat.

3 responses to “Thai style fishing in Australia

  1. Fishing trips make for wonderful memories, in addition to [hopefully] the fun of catching tasty fish. Your short jaunt will be well-remembered by the in-laws and the young ones.
    That’s a nice river, and seems swift running. Neat that you had the entire site to yourselves.
    Regards from Ken C., California, USA

  2. Love the last photo! (the second last photo of Marisah is quite funny too!)

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