Happy 6th birthday Ariya

I cannot believe my ‘little’ girl is six years old! I also can’t believe that this blog has seen four out of those six birthdays! Her third birthday was blogged about, as was her fourth. Her fifth was just a passing mention as we were travelling through out back Australia during that time and here I am posting photos for her 6th.

Thinking back through the six birthdays she has celebrated it made me realise how much travelling we have done as her birthday has been celebrated in a range of places.

1st: Kununurra (Australia)
2nd: New Zealand
3rd: Village in Thailand
4th: Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand)
5th: Driving through the Northern Territory (Australia)
6th: New Zealand

We had just arrived in New Zealand the day before but with Grandmas help managed to whip up a small celebration. As the weather was fine we decided we would hit the main park in town (Tauranga). A picnic lunch was put together mainly consisting of Roast Chicken, cup cakes and cake!

I told Ariya that she could choose any special food that she wanted for her birthday picnic. She thought about it for a few seconds and decided on….. red capsicum! (Bell pepper). I picked up the capsicum en-route to the park and we had a lovely time there. A visit from a very special friend of Ariyas who we call Auntie Nicky made her day.

I don’t have any photos at the park as stupid me forgot the camera so here are a few of Ariya and her sister and brother before we left.

It really is amazing to think that she is six already. It feels like just yesterday that I was holding her as a new born in my arms. It has been amazing watching her grow into the delightful child that she is and although I cannot wait for all the future birthdays that we will celebrate together I just hope it doesn’t happen too fast!

5 responses to “Happy 6th birthday Ariya

  1. Happy birthday Ariya!! xoxo I remember going to the hospital and visiting Ariya and A. Seerung (oh yeah, and you too)… six years ago!! WOW!

    Love all the marshmallows!


  2. Happy Bday Ariya. Looks like a great day and hope it was lots of fun.

    Mr. Mock the blog looks the same. Same layout, same colours just a different name! Now you are the owner now. Smart thinking 99.

    • Hi Brunty, yes still looks the same…for now. Just working out all the new buttons and will slowly be making some changes over the next few weeks. Always better to own then rent right?

  3. The Chicken looks really good. Can you tell me what is the coating and how is it done pls…cakes look good as well 🙂

    • Hi Doug,
      Tasted pretty good as well! Coating was simply oil and salt. Cooked covered for a while and then uncovered to finish. A good bread stuffing inside as well.

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