Flying with an infant

My son is the eldest of my three kids to travel overseas. Both Ariya and Marisah had trips to Thailand at the age of two months but Jacob had to wait until he was four months before ‘climbing’ the stairs into a big bird. He flew from Kununurra to Darwin in the afternoon and then had 8 hours in Darwin before flying to Adelaide leaving at 2am and arriving at 6.30am. On both flights he was brilliant which was a relief.

A few days later the daytime flight to New Zealand followed by the three hour drive to my parents place was also handled by the little fella without a whimper.
I am now confident that our upcoming 12 hour direct flight to Bangkok will not be a problem either provided we stick to our two basic rules when flying with kids and infants.

Leave Mum to focus on what is most important: As Seerung is still breast feeding I leave Jacob with her while I take total control of the two girls for the entire flight. Seerung will feed him and also hold him while he sleeps (no bassinets on most of of our flights). When it is Jacob’s wake time and the girls are occupied I will take him so Seerung can have a break. I will also do all nappy changes/burps and walks around the cabin so she can also have a break. This allows Seerung to have the energy to be totally focussed on him when it is most needed. (Feeding and sleep time).

Stick to your routine: All kids need a routine (unfortunately not all have one) but if you do have one then stick to it! Milk time then solids (if old enough) then wake time then sleep time. This is our routine on land and what we try to replicate in the sky. Sure you cannot follow it excactly due to circumstances outside your control but if you can stick to it as close as you can then you, the child and your fellow passengers should have a relaxing flight.

Having just downloaded our holiday photos for the first time I noticed that the very first photos in New Zealand were taken of a refreshed and happy Jacob the morning after arriving late the previous night. He was happy because as far as he was concerned nothing much had changed apart from the weather and surroundings.

Seerung took a series of six photos of him hanging out on my Fathers sofa in his office. It is not often you get a series of photos of a baby where you want to keep all of them. I think they are great and I hope you don’t mine me indulging a little bit and sharing them with you all here.

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  1. The last photo is my favourite!

    Good article!

  2. Had a few weeks in Ubon with wifey and my one year old daughter last month. Flew from England with Eva, great flight going there but hell coming back after they initially said again we would be in the seats where they can attach the cot in front of you, only to get on board and find this was not the case. 13 hours with a restless 1 year old is bladdy hard work! Good luck.

    • How in the world do you fit a one year old in a bassinet? She must be very tiny! My 5 month old had to bend his legs to fit!

  3. My daughter isnt tiny, far from it. But en route to Thailand with EVA she just about fitted into it. Though they didnt like me rocking her at night.

  4. Now I really wish I had snuck a trip to Tauranga!! He is just gorgeous. Great description of your travelling teamwork. Hope the trip goes well.

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