Daily Archives: December 8, 2011

Central Mall, Big C and McDonald’s in Ubon Ratchathani

Time for an update on all the rumours happening around Ubon Ratchathani. Time to squash a few and start a few new ones!

Over two years ago I remember quashing a rumour about McDonald’s opening a branch at City Mall. It appears that you can only sell food from the land of the rising sun at Sunee with four out of five current restaurants all exclusively selling Japanese food! I mentioned back then that a Micky Dees in Ubon is inevitable and it looks like that time has come. I just heard today that Big C has finalised their renovations plans for their block and McDonald’s are confirmed as being new tenants.

For everyone who thought that Central Mall was going to be building next door to Big C, you would be wrong. They have recently purchased land at the end of Sappasit road where it runs into the ring road, opposite the university. I have not heard anything in regards to dates for building or opening.

These ‘rumours’ come from someone who I trust with accurate information to do with all things Ubon so I am prepared to go out on a limb and say that I believe it all to be true.

*Edit December 10,2011* I was talking with one of the top brass of Sunee today and he proudly told me that a 24 hours McDonald’s and Sizzler were going to be opening at City Mall. When I told him that I had heard that Maccas was moving in at Big C his face fell and he quickly changed his story to say that they are in negotiations with them and are hoping they will move in. Sizzler is one food chain that I would be happy to see.

*Edit May 10, 2012* Just to confirm what I wrote is still happening my mate at the Thai Report has got an update on the Big C redevelopment which will be called Ubon Square (อุบลสแควร์). This means that a McDonalds restaurant is indeed coming to Ubon Ratchathani. Bugger. 🙁

The new central mall is also going full steam ahead in the location that I mentioned.