A Tiny Thai Christmas Tree

On their final day in New Zealand, Ariya and Marisah were invited around to their special friends house.
Auntie Nicky needed ‘help’ she said in decorating her Christmas tree. The kids were only too happy to oblige. During their visit she also took them shopping and bought then both, plus Jacob a special Christmas tree decoration of their own to hang on their tree when they got to Thailand.

Christmas? Christmas Tree? *Gulp!*

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I love spending Christmas in the Thai village due to the simple fact that there is no Christmas! No stress. No pressure. No need to have to shine in the Kitchen. No need to have to spend money on (sometimes) useless presents just because your kids expect them and you feel the pressure to have to conform to what friends, family and neighbours believe Christmas is all about.

Of course as my kids get older Christmas does become more and more important to them and I am not that much of a grinch to deprive them of this special day. Our Christmas day always consists of remembering the real reason for the season by reading the Christmas story as soon as the kids wake up and discussing amongst ourselves what the day is all about prior to anything else happening. After breakfast they can open their presents which are always limited to just one or two from us before going to church (if we are in a country with a church nearby). We all like special food but not wanting to spend too much time in the Kitchen I will find something very easy but special enough for us all to enjoy. When I was talking about special food Ariya decided there must be a birthday cake seeing as it is Jesus Christ’s birthday so Peppers in Ubon was called and a special birthday cake has already been ordered!

Within 24 hours of arriving in the village Ariya was asking about the Christmas tree. I was thinking I would have to improvise and go and cut down something down the river and decorate it with coke and sprite bottles and some of the local snow (plastic bags) when I remembered that in a moment of Christmas weakness three years ago I had purchased a small little tree in an attempt to celebrate Christmas on New Years Day as Christmas was spent in Ubon Ruk Hospital having back surgery.

I looked everywhere and eventually found it and the old decorations as well at the very back of the last cupboard left to be searched. As soon as I took it out Ariya exclaimed ‘why is it so small?’

I explained to her that three years ago it was almost twice her size and showed her this blog post that had some photos of her and Marisah reaching high up to hang the decorations. I think next year we might invest in something a little larger and more permanent.

Being so small the decoration hanging did not take very long but their cousin Cream wanted to lend a hand just like three years previously.

Here are the girls special decorations brought over from New Zealand ready to be hung.

Some tinsel dress ups occurred before eventually ending up on the tree.

And here is the final product!

Well the girls think it looks schmicko and that’s all that really matters I guess! I brought it inside and hung the lights on it before Ariya noticed that there was no star on the top. She delved back into the decorations box but all that was left were some Santas. I was proud of her when she announced that ‘the tree doesn’t want any silly Santas on top, it needs a star just like when Jesus was born.”

It was to late to sort that out then so two days later we dug out the craft box and set to work. Once the star was cut out of a Lao Khao box from the shop next door the girls then turned the brown into yellow.

After a layer of glue some glitter was added. Lots and lots and lots of green, silver and gold glitter.

We then hung two small bells to the bottom of it before they announced that it was finished.

The tree now looks complete and ‘not silly’ and sits in the corner of the lounge room happily blinking away whenever I brave the dangerous power plug by closing my eyes to avoid the sparks that fly whenever I plug it in!

I guess I might even put some presents under it.

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  2. Love it! I went and looked at your girls decorating the tree three years ago, and it’s hard to believe they have grown that much! I guess a lot happens in three years old at that age! Mind you Ariya still looks the same – she’s just taller now!

    I like the star too – see, you are a good homeschooling Dad!

    • Thanks Jess for your kind words. It was funny watching Ariya understand that the tree didn’t shrink, just that she has grown so much! According to google given her current height she should end up being about 1.74m tall by the time she is 21. Tall for a Thai!

  3. Bah Humbug! Put some pressies there. I hate to say this but your tree…, is twice as big as mine… but the villagers seem to enjoy it. Also, I dress up our flower trees with ligts – which reminds me! I still aven’t dunnit! Cripes! Cheers and a Merry and LOVING Christmas and chokdi new Year [Sawadee bee mai or sumfink like vat]. TC & Noi

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