A Thai woman

I like this old lady.

She is too old now to work the rice fields. Like an old tree, years of hard work under a blazing sun have etched themselves deeply in her face.

Her husband died a long time ago. Most of her family have left to seek fame and fortune in the big city of Bangkok.

She spends her day at her very modest home that is on a terrible lean. Otherwise, she can be seen walking around the village constantly on the look out for something to eat. If we are eating when she pokes her head in then we always share our food with her.

My (silent) nick name for her is Emu.

She is almost deaf.

She is basically blind.

She is always happy.

I like this old lady.

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  1. Mate the nckname s a dead rnger and she looks lke a rpper of an old grl. It s sad when famly leave and seem to forget but t s good she s n a small vllage wth good people.

  2. H Mate
    Ths s the sde of Isaan I love and respect. Not so much the young that are fast loosng famly values but the older hard workng generaton. Much can be learned from an old lady lke her n terms of how to be happy wth less rather than longng for more only to be mserable lke n the western world.
    We are comng over n Feb ’12 so hope to see you around f you are stll n Ubon. Hope the famly s well. Enjoy you Xmas !!

    • H Jay, great to hear from you, glad you lked the photo and post. I agree wth your sentments, stll a lot of these type of people n my neck of the woods….. but not for much longer. :( Great to hear you are comng over for a vst, a real shame that I wont be here to fnally meet you as we wll be gone n the 2nd half of Jan. Would have been good to show you the car – stll goes and looks great and has not had a scratch put on t!

  3. No worres mate. We’ll catch up wth you next tme hopefully. I mss the car or I wll on our next trp over. The car rental prces seem hgh around town @ approx £700 for a month (THB 1200-1500/day). I wll have to use the Father-n-law’s old Nssan pckup or the “Datsan” as he calls t. It’s a come down from the hlux but stll fun anyhow. Just rentng somethng better on the days we really need t. Seems there s more to see and do around Ubon these days so my 4 yo should enjoy hmself. Good for my boys to get spolt by the n-laws for a whle as I’ve not much of a famly here n UK to make a fuss of the kds. Lookng fwd to the break but not the long haul flght!

    • Good dea to save the bkkes to rent some decent wheels for when you are dong longer trps and save the ‘datto’ (What the Ausses call em) for the short runs nto town. You wll not recognse the place and your son s gong to have a blast. Not sure how often you mght be headng off on your own but perhaps a motorbke rental for a few weeks whle you are ‘home’ mght be an opton.

  4. Andrew – I’ve seen a few of these dear old lades myself and f I could speak Tha or they could talk Englsh, the tales they could tell would be amazng. I really would love to hear stores about Thaland (or Sam) from ther younger days.

    Emu s an apt nckname but I bet the old brd was a bt of a looker n her younger days.

    Merry Chrstmas to you and your famly.

    • H Martyn, a Merry Chrstmas rght back at ya! I can speak some Tha but I am afrad her deafness and my poor grammer = not much luck when t comes to communcatng. I have met a few of her daughters and yes I can magne that she was qute the catch n her day!

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