A Thai woman

I like this old lady.

She is too old now to work the rice fields. Like an old tree, years of hard work under a blazing sun have etched themselves deeply in her face.

Her husband died a long time ago. Most of her family have left to seek fame and fortune in the big city of Bangkok.

She spends her day at her very modest home that is on a terrible lean. Otherwise, she can be seen walking around the village constantly on the look out for something to eat. If we are eating when she pokes her head in then we always share our food with her.

My (silent) nick name for her is Emu.

She is almost deaf.

She is basically blind.

She is always happy.

I like this old lady.

8 responses to “A Thai woman

  1. Mate the nickname is a dead ringer and she looks like a ripper of an old girl. It is sad when family leave and seem to forget but it is good she is in a small village with good people.

  2. Hi Mate
    This is the side of Isaan I love and respect. Not so much the young that are fast loosing family values but the older hard working generation. Much can be learned from an old lady like her in terms of how to be happy with less rather than longing for more only to be miserable like in the western world.
    We are coming over in Feb ’12 so hope to see you around if you are still in Ubon. Hope the family is well. Enjoy you Xmas !!

    • Hi Jay, great to hear from you, glad you liked the photo and post. I agree with your sentiments, still a lot of these type of people in my neck of the woods….. but not for much longer. 🙁 Great to hear you are coming over for a visit, a real shame that I wont be here to finally meet you as we will be gone in the 2nd half of Jan. Would have been good to show you the car – still goes and looks great and has not had a scratch put on it!

  3. No worries mate. We’ll catch up with you next time hopefully. I miss the car or I will on our next trip over. The car rental prices seem high around town @ approx £700 for a month (THB 1200-1500/day). I will have to use the Father-in-law’s old Nissan pickup or the “Datsan” as he calls it. It’s a come down from the hilux but still fun anyhow. Just renting something better on the days we really need it. Seems there is more to see and do around Ubon these days so my 4 yo should enjoy himself. Good for my boys to get spoilt by the in-laws for a while as I’ve not much of a family here in UK to make a fuss of the kids. Looking fwd to the break but not the long haul flight!

    • Good idea to save the bikkies to rent some decent wheels for when you are doing longer trips and save the ‘datto’ (What the Aussies call em) for the short runs into town. You will not recognise the place and your son is going to have a blast. Not sure how often you might be heading off on your own but perhaps a motorbike rental for a few weeks while you are ‘home’ might be an option.

  4. Andrew – I’ve seen a few of these dear old ladies myself and if I could speak Thai or they could talk English, the tales they could tell would be amazing. I really would love to hear stories about Thailand (or Siam) from their younger days.

    Emu is an apt nickname but I bet the old bird was a bit of a looker in her younger days.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Hi Martyn, a Merry Christmas right back at ya! I can speak some Thai but I am afraid her deafness and my poor grammer = not much luck when it comes to communicating. I have met a few of her daughters and yes I can imagine that she was quite the catch in her day!

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