Happy Birthday Jesus

Seasons Greetings from our tiny little Thai village.

Happy Birthday Jesus and a very blessed Christmas to all our family, friends and people in Internet land.

All our love,

Andrew, Seerung, Ariya, Marisah and Jacob.

8 Responses to Happy Birthday Jesus

  1. mmm… looks good!

    Merry Chrstmas to you all too!! We mssed you ths year.

  2. Ths s a very beautful blog entry. I hope your Chrstmas was wonderful

    • Smple but lovely – just the way I lke them! I hope you frst Chrstmas on the busy streets of Bangkok went well for you and your famly as well.

  3. For a mnute I thought you were talkng about a chld of yours I ddn’t know about. After a quck Google search I now am up to date. Hope you had a good day mate.

  4. Randy&Susan Roberts

    May the Lord Jesus cause Hs face to shne upon you and your famly through the comng year. Thank you for sharng your lves wth us.

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