A Thai village Christmas

What a great Christmas!

No stress, no fuss, a little family, a little food and everybody happy and satisfied.

Ariya was up a little earlier then normal and ate her breakfast in record time ready for the presents. Of course her younger sister Marisah in typical fashion was in no hurry at all and was still asleep!

Almost two hours after Ariya rose Marisah finally made an appearance and almost seemed to enjoy taking her time over breakfast.

Eventually we assembled down stairs where I read the Christmas story to them. This time it was a ‘new’ book that I had found at my parents place. It had been given to when I was just a few years old. It was published in 1975 and called The night the angels sang.

Present opening time finally arrived and as we had made sure that their two cousins also had a little something to open the four of them had a great time opening and comparing gifts.

Even though breakfast had only just been consumed for some more food was then brought out and a few games of UNO took place.

The kids got to munch away on some pork that had been cooked on coals, sticky rice, vegetables and some fresh bread that I had just finished making.

The adults had the same as this kids but as an extra special treat my BIL had killed two chickens that morning and was cooking them on the Thai style BBQ. Chicken on coals is a Thai favourite and is called Gai Yung (ไก่ย่าง) or in the local Laos dialect Gai Bping (ไก่ปิ้ง). It was absolutely superb!

With full bellies we still managed to turn our attention to the birthday cake and managed to devour that as well. The cake was from Peppers Bakery & Cafe in Ubon and it was delicious.

While I had a sneaky lay down on the mat in the garden the girls played with their gifts. The microphone with the FM transmitter inside was a big hit!

It was really nice that my in-laws all made an effort to be there as well. The day means nothing to them but they knew it meant a lot to my kids so my two sister in laws and their husbands dropped in for a few hours.

Jacob was happy to spend some quality time with his Uncle Poot.

Speaking of Jacob, no Christmas presents for him which is not a problem when all he had eyes for were these two oranges. He held onto them for ages as he got passed around from family to neighbour to stranger as the day continued.

…. and so that was Christmas! I hope everyone who reads this blog was able to have just as an enjoyable time as we all did.

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  2. It looks lke the kds had a great Chrstmas, that’s nce. And young Jacob had a good old fashoned one hmself (two oranges).

    I take t the bread came from your new bread makng machne. Looks good.

  3. Memock, Great pctures and the kds are growng up fast, Glad Chrstmas was a blessng for you and famly , Have a Happy New Year as well , from Malcolm and Cejay
    We spent Chrstmas wth famly as well

    • H Malcolm, Yes t really was a blessng whch s always a bonus!! Was your Chrstmas spent wth Tha famly or vstng Amercan famly? I remember readng on your blog a whle ago about people always sayng they wll come to vst you but they never do. Is ths stll the case?

  4. douglas cattanach

    Very mpressve and nce to see Chrstmas celebrated as t should be..smple and movng…well done…a very good example to us all.

    • H Douglas,
      Thanks a lot for your very kds words. It means a lot as occasonally I get accused of falng my kds but not gong the full Chrstmas monty wth my kds. I lke what I am dong and t s always good to get a lttle encouragement from others.

  5. Must admt that sounds lke a nce day!! We’ve lost our Chrstmas mornng story book…. do you have t by any chance (no doubt stll over here) from last year? Our Chrstmas was a bt more (strugglng to fnd the rght word – maybe – bgger?) but stll we were relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company and kept the food farly smple.

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