My Thailand Olympics part 3

Following on from part one and part two this time I actually get to show you some sporting events taking place!

There weren’t all that many events that I could see, just the usual popular ones (for Thailand) like athletics, soccer and volley ball.

First up were the little ones running their hearts out.

Once the athletics were all finished the oval was ready for a solid two days of soccer (football). First up were the younger kids.

Here are a few photos from a high school game. It would appear that girls did not play this form of the game but played a smaller version of it over on the basketball courts.

Volleyball is hugely popular in Thailand and there were dozens of games to get through at our mini Olympics. I was really impressed with the high skill level and the way that even the smallest kids literally threw themselves into every play even though they were playing on concrete! My niece Beam (the one who lit the olympic flame) was playing in the following photos.

If you look closely enough you will see my two girls watching their cousin play.

The high school boys volleyball was fast and strong, almost brutal. Watching it up close was really exciting.

With all that energy being expelled you can just imagine the calories being consumed. If eating was a real Olympic sport then Thailand would take gold, silver, bronze and a few minor placings as well. Eating is serious business even when attending your own version of the Olympics but I will save those photos for my fourth and final blog to come very soon. In the mean time I will leave you with a delightful group of young girls sitting down between volleyball games to eat that all important local dish, som tum (ส้มตำ).

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  1. Very nice and informative. The boys seem very tall for Thai boys

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