My Thai garden – an update, part 2

This will be my final village blog for a little while as I have finally caught up on the posts that I wanted to do during our most recent village visit. We have been back in Australia for a while now and I thought I would keep the blogging going but this time with an Australian twist. It will focus on my families life in the Kimberley region in the far north of outback Australia.

I was going to start with an awesome helicopter fishing trip that I did but when searching for the photos discovered that I had one more garden update that I wanted to do. I realise how boring that will be to most readers but as I keep reminding myself, this is my (sort of) diary and life can’t always be exciting! These updates also allow me to keep an eye on progress (or not) of our garden and allows me to see what is working and what isn’t.

This particular entry is only about the side gardens that we planted 9 months ago. When I mean side, I mean the little strips that we have claimed outside of our fence line to try and smarten the place up a bit as well as keep the dust down from the road immediately outside.

Here is the original post when we first planted them. I apologise for the light in the photographs. It was very early in the morning and there was a lot of smoke around and for some reason the camera did not like it. When taking the photos I realised how many little bits of rubbish were laying around so I had a big clean up much to the amusement of the neighbours but for some reason did not go back and retake the photos.

Some parts were a bit of an experiment swapping between a hedge and flowers. When we next return we will decide whether to keep it as is or to go with either one or the other.

6 responses to “My Thai garden – an update, part 2

  1. If things grow as they seem to in Thailand………then be prepared for lots of Pruning !

  2. Do you have any fruit trees in your gardens?

    I don’t know maybe there is a down side to fruit trees but I think I would want a number of different trees even with how cheap fruit is in Thailand.

    • Hi Keith,

      Apart from two mango trees which we will keep heavily pruned, no. Because I wanted lawn, there is no room for fruit trees.

  3. You cant eat lawn!

    • That is very true Mother dearest but on the other hand you can not relax, play sport, fly a kite or have a big BBQ in a fruit tree.

  4. Hi MeMock,
    Like your blog and thank you for sharing your family’s photos and stories with us.

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