Heli-fishing in the Kimberley

As promised, here is my trip report from a while ago when I went heli fishing in my beautiful back yard.

Anyone who knows me will realise that fishing is what my wife does and eating the fish is what I do. I reluctantly went along with my brother who was flying and a few other mates just so i could check out the new Robinson 66 helicopter, the first in the area, that was taking us.

The R66 is obviously bigger then it’s little brother the R44 that I am used to. It has an extra seat, more power, more luggage space, leather seats and most importantly – air conditioning!

We left Kununurra airport nice and early as you can see.

There was a bit of cloud about which made the view even more interesting.

Our destination was about 30 minutes away over the Northern Territory border. This is the crossing at the Keep River which means we had just crossed over the border.

We put down just 50 metres or so away from where we were to fish.

I don’t think the blades had even finished winding down when my mate Andy who is a mad (I really mean that) keen fisherman had his line in the water. He was instantly (within two seconds of his lure hitting the water) rewarded with what turned out to be the biggest catch of the day. This Barramundi was just a cm or two under the magic metre mark.

This doesn’t mean the day was a wash out after that monster, far from it! Everyone was catching fish as fast as they could get their line back in the water. There were a few times when all five of us were hooked up at the same time. It was that good that even I was having a blast. I gave up after a few hours and I kid you not, I would have caught at least 50 Barramundi with 30 of those being legal size. Everyone else would have hooked up around 100 each. Yes that does mean about one every 3 – 4 minutes for the time that we were there. It was madness!

Dave was like a hypo kid in a candy store!

Fishing writer Francis said it was his best days fishing. Ever.

There are strict bag limits for Barramundi in the area so we were limited to two fish each between the size of 55 and 80 cm. My brother gave me his so I went home with eight massive fillets which kept Seerung happy for a few weeks!

To get a real feeling what it was like then please watch this video of the day that my brother put together.

Next blog I will document our flight home over some magnificent scenery.

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  1. Wow…..and I can go Fly fishing for Salmon for a week with nothing !!

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  3. That is awesome! When I saw the heading I thought you were going to actually be fishing out of a helicopter. haha Unspoiled beauty.

    • Well that can be done but you need to change your fishing equipment as the rotor blades do not like fishing line for some reason. A gun is much preferred in those situations!

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