Taking a rabbit for a run

Like most parents with young kids you eventually get asked the question ‘can we have a pet?’

Thankfully my kids understand the fact that we travel a lot and having a pet is not fair on the animal or the suffering friends that we end up leaving the animal with.

This doesn’t stop me thinking of ways of having a pet without the baggage of course so when the opportunity came along to babysit two rabbits for two weeks I jumped at the chance.

As a result Molly and Wally came into our front yard much to the kids delight.

Once they had scratched the girls a few times I think they became a firm favourite for Jacob who could not climb into their yard.

This of course did not stop him having a blast every time he was allowed to visit.

Someone else also enjoyed the rabbit holiday. Rebekah who is my niece and lives next door thought all her Christmas’s had come at once when she heard who had come for a visit. This photo was taken during Marisah’s birthday party which I will blog about shortly.

My girls did discover one way to enjoy them without the scratching and that was to take them for a run. We were given a few rabbit harnesses when I picked up the visitors and they soon became a firm favourite especially with Wally the white rabbit who loved to take Ariya for lap around the house!

2 responses to “Taking a rabbit for a run

  1. Looks like good exercise for Ariya!

    I never knew you could take rabbits out for a run! I thought that was only for dogs…

    They’re still pests.


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