Marisah turns five

Five years ago my little girl looked like this.

Marisah just one hour old

Then somehow time turned into a blur and this is what happened!

On her first birthday

Marisah turns two

I blogged about her 2nd birthday here.

Marisah turns three

I blogged about her 3rd birthday here.

Marisah turns four

And here she now is, posing on her 5th birthday just a few weeks ago.

We organised a late afternoon get together with her cousins, a few friends and a few adult friends. Before they arrived we had a little work to do. Her sister Ariya helped her tie up some balloons.

Of course running around with them was much more fun.

Seerung was busy in the Kitchen.

Finally (for Marisah) her friends arrived.

We sent the kids off to play on the lawn while the adults caught up on the balcony where we could keep an eye on them.

Muddy the wallaby (blog about him coming soon) was a bit confused and didn’t know which group to hang out with. He even attempted a dash inside but thanks to a friend (who incidentally was wearing a Wallabies rugby jumper) a well timed tackle put an end to that.

We let Jacob hang with the cool group on the balcony.

It was only a matter of time before the kids gravitated to the lake.

Some of the bigger kids took a boat out while the little ones got a magic carpet ride.

In between all the fun we managed to round everyone up to see Marisah blow out her candles and tuck into Seerungs marshmallow and chocolate mud cake.

It was a great afternoon and Marisah had a blast. I only wish that it took 5 years between now and when she has her 6th birthday! She is growing up way to fast!

10 responses to “Marisah turns five

  1. I like JP’s definition of ‘cool’. πŸ™‚

    Marisah is one of the sweetest girls I know and I love spending time with her!

  2. Happy Birthday Marisah !! Busy but for sure a fun week with Jacob turning one in 5 days time.

  3. She looks so serious in front of the camera! (And grown-up too, but I’m not sure if you wanted to be reminded of that!) πŸ™‚

    • Hey there Wallaby tackler! Considering how non serious she is with the rest of her life it is quite funny I reckon when i see her put on the not often used serious look whenever a camera comes out. I wish Marisah could stay at the age of 3. It was a great age.

  4. Memock, great pictures , it’s been fun reading your blog all these years and watching the girls grow my how time flys, we seen our birthday wishes and prayers of blessings for Marisah.

  5. First you make me hungry with the pizza and Seerung’s spring rolls I drool over! Then you make me teary with the birthday shots. Tayla turned 6 on the 14th. I wish they never grew up. Bless our babies. x By the way, that’s not a lake, it’s the pool remember : )

    • Hey Aroha! Great to hear from you. Sorry, you are correct in saying that is the pool…. you should see our lake!! Happy birthday to Tayla! 6 years old? I know how you feel!

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