Anniversary pizza

A few weeks ago marked nine years since I walked down the aisle hand in hand with my beautiful bride. Nine years ago my life started anew and what an amazing time it has been since that day.

I’m sure that I have mentioned before on this blog that at our wedding reception we did not have a traditional wedding cake but a five tiered pizza instead.

As a result, every year we try to remember the day with something special (like most people do) but that somehow also includes eating pizza. We have celebrated in places like Bangkok, Ubon Ratchanthai, New Zealand and of course Australia. In the early days they were quite extravagant events but as kids came along we have on occasions had to simply stay at home to celebrate. This year was one of those times as we had plans for two nights later to attend a massive local concert called the Kimberley Moon which included acts like Paul Kelly, Kasey Chambers and the Black Sorrows so we thought we would save our energy (and our baby sitter) for then.

With Seerung working that morning it was up to me to get it organised so I set to work. First up was getting some dough mixed together ready to go outside to rise for a while in the sun.

While it was rising the kids decided to play in a box while I got the ingredients ready.

Once the dough had risen I bashed it back down before rolling it into it’s final shape. The kids were then called to make their own pizza while I was to make the anniversary one.

The girls love making pizza and set to work with great enthusiasm. First up, the sauce for the base.

Marisah is easily side tracked as you can see from this next photo.

With the sauce on, it was time to add their favourite ingredients. They went quite plain this day with just a simple ham, cheese and pineapple creation.

And here is the finished product being cooled down by a face pulling Ariya.

While all that was going on I was trying to create my masterpiece as well. I decided on a two type Pepperoni and just keep the rest very simple but with one secret weapon.

My secret weapon was a little bit of Humble House.

Humble house is as the name suggests a humble business run by my sister in her home. Accuse me of being biased as much as you want but the simple fact is that her products are some of the most amazing creations you are ever likely to taste. They are all home grown, made and jarred with love. She has just finished her website which I think is pretty schmicko. It has a great online shopping system as well as recipes and a blog showing off their latest creations and news. If good wholesome food for you and your family is what you are after then please check out Humble House.

So the secret weapon for my creation on this occasion was the tomato chilli pickle.
This would have to be my favourite product from Humble House and is great as a dip or on toast, with eggs or…. well heck – just about anything! It packs a bit of a punch which is why I thought it would go well on the pizza base.

Here it is before going in the oven.

And here it is immediately after coming out.

Of course it doesn’t really matter what it looks like as it is all in the taste and thankfully this one was a rip snorter. Seerung and I both said it was the best pizza we had ever had. I will leave you with a photo which my Thai readers will get a kick out of for sure. As much as my wife loves eating (and cooking) western food, Thai food will always rule supreme in her world. Even though she had only just come home from work she still managed to quickly whip up a plate of som tum to accompany our anniversary lunch.

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  1. Thanks! Now I feel hungry after seeing that delicious looking pizza. Happy anniversary to you both and next trip you make bring a jar or two and I will do a completely unbiased review.

    On another subject! Did you see the game today between Collingwood and West Coast Seagulls? What a great game.

    Thanks for sharing mate


    • Your on Magpie man, have a look at the website and tell me which two samples you would like me to bring. As for the footy, yes I did see it and yes it was a great game apart from the last 10 minutes!

  2. Where does Seerung get the pal rah to make her som tum or is it hand carried from Ubon? You could develop a business plan for Humble House to bring some of their pickles, jams, relishes to Thailand, specifically Ubon. Any pizza with pepperoni and loads of cheese works for me and looks like it was well liked by the kids as well.

    • Greetings How,
      Sometimes it is hand carried from Ubon, sometimes it is purchased in Darwin. Usually the latter. I can’t actually remember if the anniversary som tum had any in it or not. I might get Magpie Man from Issan Style to do his review like he just mentioned here in the comments and if there is any decent feed back perhaps get John at peppers to stock a few jars. Mind you, $7 in Australia doesn’t sound like to much but when that is 210 baht in Thailand I doubt there will be too many people lining up for it no matter how good it tastes. 🙁

  3. Andrew – Happy anniversary and I’ve got to say your pizza looks a lot better than the slices I get from 7-Eleven. Your kids pizza looks a lot more appetizing too. Not that I’m knocking 7-Eleven pizza as it has fuelled me up on quite a few occasions in the past.

    Happy eating and good luck to your sister’s business. That’s the kind of pickle that needs a strong lid on it.

    • Better the the ones from 7 / 11? haha I sure hope so mate – I find eating the paper packaging much more filling then the actual pizza inside it!

  4. Congratulations! May you have many more years of pizza anniversaries!

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