Happy 1st birthday Jacob

Each year, within a month of each other, we manage to squeeze in our wedding anniversary and birthdays for my wife Seerung, daughter Marisah and now my new son Jacob.

Thankfully we don’t go all out to celebrate but it does still become a busy little period. This year I also had a 3 day trip to Adelaide travelling through Darwin, Brisbane and Perth to get there and back as well as am overnight trip to Darwin with Ariya (blog on that coming soon) so it has been a rather hectic time.

Jacob shares his birthday with his cousin Elise who is six years older then him. Great news for us as she lives just over the lake so we could gate crash her birthday party! Not so great news for her as she had to share the limelight with her youngest cousin but you would not have known it and she seemed genuinely happy to have him there along side her. Bless you Elise!

12 months ago I blogged about little Jacob coming into the world but he is not so little anymore! In fact you can see from the following photos that he is quite the lad! Still not walking yet but it can’t be too far away and he does not let that slow him down as his crawling speed is pretty impressive. He has no fear at all and has already managed some spectacular tumbles off the bed, stairs and sofa.

His hair is rather unruly at the moment but it was at this age that Marisah went from similar hair to almost an afro in just a few months so we are holding out hope that the same will happen with Jacob.

He has a wicked sense of humour and is always laughing and teasing as well as pushing the strict boundaries that we set for him. Unfortunately at the moment he is going through a bit of a stage of not being happy around strangers (or half strangers) so it is only his family and close friends who get to see the absolute joy that he is and that he brings to us.

He is mad on anything with an engine in it especially cars and tractors and plays with his model ones all day every day with all the appropriate sound effects. Last week we had someone doing some earth moving on the farm in a massive articulated John Deere tractor and he thought it was Christmas when I took him for a lap on it.

He completes us as a family and we have had just the best time watching him grow into the cheeky lad that he is today. I can’t wait to see what he is like when he turns two as this boy sure does have some personality already!

I will let the following photos with captions tell the story of his special day.

Here he is sitting on the kitchen bench having just woken up for the first time as a one year old.

Sitting in his pram waiting for his cousins birthday party to begin.

Checking out his birthday cake that his Mum made for him. It was a carrot cake with hazelnuts.

The anticipation on his face here is wonderful. He can see that the present I unwrapped for him was a tractor. It was a present from his Uncle Paul who is in the background looking to see if he liked it or not.

He didn't like it, he loved it!

Back home after the party and a bath.

I told you he was cheeky!

All too soon it was the end of the day. A bottle of milk and off to bed.

Jacob's cousin Elise with her owl birthday cake that her Mum made. Her younger sister Abigail is looking on.

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  2. There is nothing quite so lovely as a green tractor to a little boy, and to not so little boys! Cant wait till we visit and get to know that cheeky, happy boy.

    • He was proud as punch sitting up so high driving around in the real thing last week! Looking forward to having you here as well.

  3. What a sweetie! Ethan, Halle and I were looking at the pictures this morning and reminiscing about our NZ trip when Marisah was about that age. So fun!

    • Hi Nancy, I was doing something similar as well looking at photos from around that time as that is when I noticed how quickly Marisah’s hair changed! It was such a nice time catching up with you all in NZ – I really do hope it isn’t too long till we make it to Canada.

  4. Happy Birthday Jacob – just call when you need some more boy time. I have 3 big boys to teach you everything you need to know 🙂 Would love to be close by. Love from the whole gagetribe.

    • Yes, with 2 sisters and 4 girl cousins all living here he does miss out on the boy stuff so I will keep your kind offer in mind!

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