Boys, balls and giant rockmelons

What is it with boys playing with Balls? My two girls showed little interest in throwing balls around when they were young but that has changed with time.
Jacob on the other hand has two favourite types of toys. Anything with an engine in it (cars and tractors mainly) and balls. Big ones, small ones, flat ones and super bouncy ones.
Thankfully he is learning that he is allowed to throw balls but cars and all other toys do not fall into that category.

There is quite a technique to maximise torque behind your throw. Head right done is one way.

His favourite ball at the moment is the super doper bouncy one.

Then the chase begins.

Sprung by the camera.

Head down and give it another crack.

Complete concentration.

The smile says it all.

I guess by now you are wondering what the rockmelon part of this blog is all about. Well I didn’t think it warranted a blog all by itself so being as they are nice and round, I thought it would fit nicely at the end of a blog about balls.

Last night I was given two rockmelons. The one on the right is a good healthy size. The one on the left is, well, have a look for yourself! I have never seen one this big before. I have decided to name it Jupiter.

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  1. Hey!
    My kids pretty much always call these “rock melon” as well (because of their daddy), but they are more commonly known as cantaloupe here or in Eastern Canada, musk melon … just a little bit of useless trivia for ya! Delicious, whatever name they go by!

    • Hi Nancy – great to hear from you! Yes, funny how Rock melon never seemed to get past Australia or New Zealand. In Thailand it is also called the Cantaloupe. As for a musk melon… the mind boggles!!

  2. Crikey Mocky,
    Shell out a bit more lucre and you even get chips with your beer.

    • Hi Bruce,
      I am assuming that this comment was meant for the previous post about the red castle motel. I must admit mate that the next couple of hotels on that trip were a fair bit more expensive and yes they were much nicer but they were kinda boring!

  3. Heng has similar toy preferences with Jacob. But I am the one that fetches the ball most of the time. So I get him plastic balls that aren’t bouncy enough to go far. Rock melons cost a bomb in this part of the world. Did you use to play cricket or baseball, Jacob appears to have good technique.

    • Cricket was played quite a bit in my youth but basketball was my game (even though I was too small). Given Jacobs body size I am predicting a career for the Wallabies as a front rower!

  4. Andrew – Young Jacob looks like he’s putting in the practice to develop a Jeff Thomson sling style bowling action. Perhaps you’d better get him a cricket bat too.

  5. I missed the comma between boy and balls and thought you had gone nuts 🙂

    Boys love playing with balls and it doesn;t stop when you grow up 🙂

    Go those Weagles. . .

  6. What an adorable, cuddly, enthusiastic boy! Boys will always prefer anything that rolls! 🙂 That is one huge cantaloupe!

  7. My son goes crazy for balls. He sees them on signs, clothes and in the market and goes crazy. Being a big basketball fan, I find it very entertaining that I’ve taught him how to dribble a soccer ball with his hands and not his feet. 🙂 I only wish there was a baseball little league for him in Ubon. Maybe in 50 years…

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