Krungthep restaurant, Ubon Ratchathani

I have been meaning to blog about this restaurant for years and just today stumbled across some photos that I took on our last visit which reminded me.

‘This restaurant’ is called Krungthep which is the real name for Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It was recommended to me almost four years ago by a friend and it quickly became a favourite place to eat in Ubon Ratchathani for my family and I.

It is owned and run by a husband and wife team with the husband out the back as the main chef while the wife is out front making sure everything runs smoothly, and smoothly it does.

The service has always been excellent here, attentive but not in your face. The menu is large enough to satisfy even the fussiest eater. The food obviously has a Thai slant but given the chef spent many years working in Japan there is quite a lot of Japanese food and even a few ‘farang dishes’.

Given the great service, high quality produce and nice (air conditioned) surroundings I am surprised at how low the prices are. All the food photographed below plus two plates of rice and a few bottles of water came in at a little under 600 baht ($20).

I will let my photos and captions complete the story. There is a map at the end.

Outside Krung Thep restaurant from the main road.

This is the entrance on the side. There is a nice little outside area here complete with a fish pond.

Inside the restaurant

เปาะเปี๊ยะกุ้ง prawn spring rolls that looks like a pizza.

ยำวุ้นเส้น Yum wun sen - a glass noodle salad with mince pork.

หมูสะเต๊ะ Pork satay sticks

ข้าวผัดอเมริกัน American fried rice

กระเพราเน้ือ Beef Grapow

ผัดผักรวม Vegetables in oyster sauce.

View Krungthep Restaurant in a larger map

26 responses to “Krungthep restaurant, Ubon Ratchathani

  1. Hi Memock, Was about to drop you a note for directions, but this does it. Thanks.

  2. Yay! Finally a restaurant recommendation with directions! 😉 Food looks yummy, will definitely give it a try, even though the restaurant is at the far end of town.

    • Yes I finally worked out how to put pins and embedded maps at Google! I will go back to previous reviews and add maps to them. Please do give it a go and let me know what you thought.

      • We even managed to give it a try over the long weekend already. Definitely a nice place to be, considering also that there are not many aircon places for Thai lunch available in Ubon. The food was a bit of a mixed affair, I quite liked the Chicken Satay and the shrimp spring rolls, but the Tom Kha and the seafood salad was only average at best. This did not worry as very much, as the prices are comparably cheap! So we will surely stop by again when we are around, but definitely not making a long detour just to go there 😉 Maybe next time we will be a bit adventurous and try the Japanese food as well 😉

        • Hi Frozen, thanks for coming back and telling us of your experience. Shame that the seafood wasn’t up to scratch. I remember them telling us once what day they get their seafood order in and that the fresh oyster they sell on that day are very popular. Perhaps it is worth asking on your next visit. I always found the Japanese food quite good given the chefs years of experience working in Japan.

  3. Hello, this restaurant looks really good. Great photos! I will refer your blog to my customers 🙂

    Kerry from TTS

  4. I’ve driven by here a zillion times and never saw it. We’ve been looking for an aircon Thai restaurant that isn’t a food court! 🙂

    • It is pretty well hidden so I don’t blame yourself for missing it. The air con is nice for sure and not set to artic temps. I hope you get there soon and would love to hear back on what you thought about it.

  5. Hunter Maxwell

    Which restaurant do you think is the better one,Krungthep of Baan Klang Soi?

    • Hi Hunter, I haven’t actually been to Baan Klang soi. I have heard of it and believe it is located on Sukhauppatam Road on soi 9 but only ever went to the restaurant called soi 9 on that street which was pretty good. Hopefully you can try them both and let me know!

      • Hunter Maxwell

        Baan Klang Soi is on Soi 15 off Sukhauppatam Road. Saap Soi 9 is on Soi 9 but I hear that the food has declined in quality lately even though it still appears packed with customers.

  6. Soi 15? I guess that is why I have never been! Not sure if I have ever been down that street. For some reason that area of town is the one part I really have no idea about. I only went to soi 9 the once and must admit while the food was good the sheer size of the place was a little off putting.

  7. After reading your preview I decided to make a trip and was really disappointed with the food. The fried rice was oily, the seafood not fresh, the curry oily and the spring rolls had very little fillings, plus you could tell they were the “frozen” variety. Plenty of better options for lunch in town.

  8. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. A shame you did not enjoy it. We must have different opinions on what justifies good food.

  9. I must agree with Chris. The place itself is excellent with air-con and good seating, but the food very oily and a lot of pastry. One of my Thai lady friends said that the only good thing about the place was the toilets. We like steamed fresh or lightly fried food and one can not get that at this restaurant. As Chris says, plenty of better restaurants in town for a good lunch. I think it will close by the end of the year.

  10. Okay, I know have two people saying “plenty of better restaurants in town for a good lunch” without anyone actually offering a suggestion. Please put them out there so we can try them.

  11. Please, Chris and Hunter. Tell us these better restaurants so we can try them and stop eating poor quality food.

  12. I’m slowly working my way around to reviewing my fav restaurants in Ubon, but here are a couple worth checking out:

    Sangsiri –

    Som Tum Jinda –

    Indojine –

    Bansunsuk –

  13. For lunch I need a restaurant that serves food up fairly quickly so I can be in and out within the hour and back to work. A place I can take work colleagues to.

    Baan Klang Soi. Always good. Open air-garden atmosphere. One large air-con room.

    Indo Chin. Always popular with my overseas guests.

    Fern Hut. Good for lunch. Has coffee and cakes.

    Spago Always excellent. Franco keeps expanding the menu.

    Fuji. In Sunee Tower. Good for lunch. Range of food.

    Ratchathani Hotel. Nice restaurant. Range of food,’

    Lai Thong. Buffet used to good but gone backwards over the past 3 years. Mid week and on Sunday better than Mondays for 20 baht more.

    For evening meals recommend Jum Bar Hom near Lai Thong. Also Suanlawan Isaan restaurant and bar behind Ubon Buri resort on the way to Warin. Beautiful wood decor, live band but also many private rooms. Not open for lunch.

    The above are just a selection. I have more on my list.

  14. Obviously the lunch choices are quite limited if you do not want to go to a mall or hotel and require A/C on a hot day. So Krungthep Restaurant is still a good option, in my opinion.
    Thanks for letting me know about Sangsiri (I love laab!) and Fern Hut, even though I would love directions to them. @Chris: I found a nice overview made with GMaps on one of your websites sometime, can you add the new restaurants as well? This would be really helpful!

  15. I’ve never heard of any of these places. I need to get out more…

  16. Tried Fern Hut the other day. It was a hip location about 10-15 years ago, now not so popular anymore. But the interior is very pretty, they must have renovated not so long ago. The food was not so exciting though, I would not come back for any dishes we chose last time. Presentation is perfect, but the taste not so much. The bakery seems better though, though some of the cakes are much too heavy on the cream side (typical Thai bakery). You definitely should try their signature dish, I forgot the name, but it was white bread soaked in syrup served with ice cream and peaches. Yummy!

  17. Fern hut is indeed an interesting place. I have eaten there twice I think. It is a nice place to sit even though it is so small. The food was ok but yes most of the cakes were a disappointment. I only eat cake at Peppers as I know the ingredients are top notch and the taste reflects that.
    Thanks again for your input Frozen.
    TR – I hope you are taking notes!!

  18. Dropped into Peppers the other day during my flying visit and had a larb pizza. Seriously, this thing was the ducks nuts and the bees knees. Go and try it and let me know what you think.

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