Kununurra Agricultural Show part 2

This entry follows on from part one a few days ago.

I dropped the photos in to the show on the Thursday and come Saturday we were all excited to go and check out the results. Once we had looked at the photos we wandered around to look at our other entries as well as what other people had entered.

Here are the girls looking at their Mums capsicum. All previous attempts to grow Capsicum have been a failure but for some reason this year they have done really well.

Here are her prize winning beans.

There was a section for funny shaped vegetables.

Here are some other vegetables. They all looked fantastic.

If you don’t collect your entries by the 4pm deadline then they get auctioned off to raise money. The following day we had a visit from some Estonian friends of ours. They had seen the auction and decided to bid on some of the vegetables and picked up a big box. They decided to share it around and dropped a few items off to us which, yes, you guessed it, contained our own beans!

No show is complete without the sewing and cooking sections.

There are quite a number of families who homeschool in the Kununurra area and we get together all the time for various events. Every year they enter a display into the school section and for the 2nd year running we won the $250 first prize! This years them was ‘the year of the farmer’.

This was my girls contributions. They chose to do it on Leucaena. Leucaena in Thailand is known as กระถิน (gratin) and is an important ingrediant in the famous dish ส้มตำ (Som Tum) as well as being a side dish for many meals or just a snack on its own. In Australia it is only recognised as been cattle feed! My girls love the stuff and are always out walking around the farm looking for the fresh green pods and leaves so decided to educate the locals on what they are missing out on.

Of course the local show is not just about the pavilion but has all the fun of the fair. Side show alley, dog judging, horse jumping and races, cattle, business exhibitions, lawn mower races, hay bale stacking competition (won by my brothers farm), cowboy comp, plenty of food and drinks – enough to keep you busy for a full day. Perhaps I will see you there next year?

4 responses to “Kununurra Agricultural Show part 2

  1. Well done Girls on sharing an Isaan favorite with their countryfolk. I tried to zoom in on the poster but could not get to read the wording but I am sure it made a great exhibit, and mom and dad proud.

    • Thanks How for your kind comments. I have just gone back and edited that post so the photo )if you click on it) is much larger and you can read everything.

  2. “The world famous Thai dish of Som Tam is not complete without leucanea seeds.” Isaan is proud of your girls. Thanks for enlarging the photo.

    • No problems How, glad you could read it better and that you enjoyed the message! Thanks also for your blogs on Chiang Mai. I may pick your brain a little more on the place soon as I would like to take my family up there for a few days on our next trip over.

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