Kununurra to Cape Domett by helicopter

This is part one of a four part blog documenting a fantastic morning spent with friends travelling to remote Cape Domett which is located in the extremely isolated Kimberley region of Northern Australia.

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Pilot Paul had us assemble at 5am on the front lawn outside his house where he had parked the R66 helicopter the previous night. As dawn broke we loaded up fishing gear, water, bacon and eggs, a small BBQ, soccer ball and frisbee, deck chairs and of course our cameras. My house is just behind this photo on the other side of the lake.

A quick check to make sure that the sticky tape and glue holding the blades together were still strong and we were set to go.

It was a brisk and misty morning as we headed almost due north to the coast and our destination of Cape Domett. I have never been there before as although it is only about 120kms as the crow flys from Kununurra it can easily take five or more hours to drive there due to the state of the road track. 30 minutes in comfort via air is much more my style!

The mist quickly burnt off affording us a magnificent view of the Ord River as it snaked its way towards the Cambridge Gulf splitting Carlton Hill and Ivanhoe Cattle stations. It was right in this area where the homestead was built and the majority of the movie ‘Australia’ starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman was filmed.

Before we knew it the fresh waters had been left behind and replaced by tidal flats. It was here that my brother Paul quickly noticed that the tide must be quite high as he had never seen the water so far inland before. This part of the world sees massive tidal movements and it is common to have tides greater then 10 metres. Over flat terrain that is an amazing amount of water rushing in and out at any time.

You can see the ocean in the background of the above three photos so we knew we were close. As we got closer and saw the beach it did not look all that impressive but that was because most of it was under water.

Pilot Paul decided to land at the very end of of the beach where there were some beautiful rocks that would provide some welcome shade later on in the day.

As the chopper wound down and we unloaded supplies we all stood around and watched this massive tide lap at the skids of the helicopter. Was the tide still coming in? If it was then we were in a spot of bother…. to be continued.

8 responses to “Kununurra to Cape Domett by helicopter

  1. Fantastic !!…Cant wait for the rest…so lucky to go to such remote areas……and to go fishing too !!!

  2. Tides coming inland…that’s scary if you aren’t familiar with the territory and run the risk of being caught in the middle. But it does look beautiful and unspoiled. Looking forward to second installment.

  3. Shot plenty of crocs and sharks there. Great spot but what a way to get there. My mate got caught by the tide getting crabs, he yelled for us to go get him but we made him swim. Look forward to the fishin pics.

    • Nice mate you are Fisho! Thanks for the comment, I have just got back after another great adventure involving waterfalls, lots of walking, camping, helicopters, snakes, dingoes, cows and barramundi! I better finish the Cape Domett blogs first before starting on this one!

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