Breakfast on the beach and exploring Cape Domett

This is part two of a four part blog documenting a fantastic morning spent with friends travelling to remote Cape Domett which is located in the extremely isolated Kimberley region of Northern Australia. Part one can be found here.

Sorry it took so long for me to upload this entry but I have only just got back yesterday after another adventure that I cannot wait to write about. It involved loads of bush walking, waterfalls, snakes, dingos, camping, helicopters and fishing. More of that later though, I need to finish this series on Cape Domett first!

I left the last blog with us just landed on the beach but unsure if the tide had peaked or not. If not, we were in a spot bother.

As the R66 has a turbine engine it cannot be quickly restarted after shut down so we unloaded all the gear and watched the water very carefully before deciding that it had peaked and we could relax and start to enjoy the brilliant setting and weather.

To build up an appetite the four blokes went for a jog while Kristiina stayed back at the helicopter. The beach according to google earth was 1.9kms long so we went up and back twice splashing thorough the fast receding tide to clock up 7.4 kms and quite a hunger!

As I was camp cook I set to work whipping up some bacon and egg sandwiches with a choice of delicious spreads from Humble house.

Have a look in the following photo how much the tide had receded in just over one hour. You will also see that I was a responsible camp cook and brought fruit and salad along as well!

While I was cooking the boys decided to cool down by taking a quick dip. It was quick due to the amount of Saltwater Crocodiles and sharks that inhabit the area.

After breakfast was finished it was time to explore. This is my brother Paul admiring the view from up on the rocks.

Through this gap in the rocks was a nice surprise.

The surprise was another beautiful beach.

This second beach was where the first fish was caught and a King Brown was almost stepped on.

Look how far the tide has receded now!

While the others decided to go fishing I finished my walk and settled down in a deck chair to simply stop, relax and enjoy the view.

The view from my chair

Part three is not too far away and will be all about the fish and wildlife that we came across.

6 responses to “Breakfast on the beach and exploring Cape Domett

  1. Amazing pictures, the isolation and beauty.I am guessing King Brown will be in forthcoming installment.

    • Thanks How, yes the King Brown will get a mention but no photos sorry. Even with a telescopic lens it would still be too close in my opinion!

  2. Andrew – Smashing pictures but some of your words spooked me a bit. Crocodiles, sharks and a King Brown. I had to Google the latter and discovered it’s a rather nasty snake. With those kind of ‘things’ about I’d have done my 7.4 kilometre run around the helicopter.

    • Hi Martyn, I don’t mind so much the crocs and sharks but snakes are a totally different story! I am faster the Usain Bolt when one of those cross my path!

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