Darwin to Bangkok and finally some sleep!

Following our debacle of a start to our holiday that I blogged about I am happy to report that things did improved although not immediately.

Seerung and Jacob finally arrived at 10pm, over five hours late. I was so happy to hear that he had done really well on the plane considering he was due a bottle of milk and had been up hours past his bedtime. We bathed Jacob, gave him a bottle and put him to bed. Seerung and I then repacked what we needed for the flight to Bangkok, had showers and went to bed at 11.15pm. With our minds still racing from the days activities there was not much sleep happening which really did not matter all that much as I had my alarm set for midnight – a mere 45 minutes later!

For the next three hours we woke up some very disorientated kids, did the final pack and moved the 100kgs of bags to the lobby to catch the courtesy bus to the airport. We then spent 45 minutes in the line to check in and managed to score the girl in training to check us in. That took another 20 minutes and then it was off to immigration. The line was out the door and we spent over an hour getting screened and stamped out of the country. Now my son may only be 16 months old but he is a lump of a lad and by the time we collapsed into the waiting area I was completely spent as was everyone else.

I am happy to say that things quickly improved from there on. The flight to Singapore was with Silk Air which I have reviewed before was once again excellant. Bassinet row, spare seats next to us and great cabin service. Jacob was beyond tired by now but still managed to keep his emotions in check before falling asleep in Seerungs arms. After two hours I swapped with her and held him all the way to Singapore and right into the terminal before he woke up.

We arrived 20 minutes early which gave us enough time to enjoy a coffee and let the kids run around a little. I have always loved Singapore airport but no as much as I did this time! After the chaos that is Darwin and despite the fact that I had not slept for 24 hours I actually felt like I was on holiday. The place is so quiet and calm and there is so much to see and do that we were a little reluctant to board the connecting flight to Bangkok!

The sun rising behind our plane to Bangkok at Singapore airport. (Photo taken on an iphone 3 so sorry for the quality!)

This flight was up to the high standards of all previous Singapore airline flights that I have taken and to make things even better Jacob fell asleep in my arms almost immediately and stayed that way for the entire flight. It meant I had to forgo what looked like a scrumptious breakfast but it was worth it!

We landed on time at 8.30 and breezed through immigration, grabbed our bags and went looking for the biggest taxi we could find so that we could all fit and not have to take two cars. Jacob sat on my lap in the front seat and was completely speechless watching Bangkok unfold before his very eyes. He was completely flabbergasted seeing all the traffic and buildings – it was hilarious to watch.

By 10.30 am we were at the apartment we had rented for three days (more to come on that soon) and a little after midday everyone was in bed sound asleep. I headed out to get some essentials for the fridge as well as going to the bank to organise some money. Speaking English when you had no sleep for over 30 hours is hard enough but speaking Thai was almost impossible! I am sure that some people thought I was drunk. With everything organised I returned to the apartment and went guts up on the couch for two hours. I woke up at 5pm and woke everyone else up so that we could get back into our routine and not suffer from any jet/travel lag.

Off to the swimming pool we went to wake up and what a pool it was! It was quickly voted ‘the best pool ever’ by the kids (I agreed) and we swam until dark. Back to the room to get cleaned up while I went out on the street to get dinner for everyone. A long time friend then turned up and whisked Seerung away for a massage and dinner while I put the kids to bed and not long afterwards myself as well. I don’t even remember my head hitting the pillow.

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  1. Delighted to read that all is well. For the Ferrari, red is a must.

    • Thanks IR, another update is coming this afternoon. As for the Ferrari – I totally agree, for some reason a yellow one just does not look right.

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