Ubon Ratchathani Market and a Giant Mekong Catfish (ปลาบึก)

I am not a fisherman and fish generally do not interest me at all unless they have been filleted, pan friend and placed in front of me on a plate so it takes something special for me to blog about a fish.

We are currently in Ubon Ratchathani slowly ploughing through a massive to do list and so early this morning we walked down to market number two in search of some breakfast.

Right at the small side entrance there was quite a crowd admiring this massive fish. It was a Giant Mekong Catfish (ปลาบึก).

Half of it had already been sold so it was hard to tell how big it was but my guess is around 2.5 metres. It certainly impressed most of the market including me!

Everyone got haircuts yesterday so I got the girls to pose in one of the photos so they could show off their new hair cuts to everyone.

6 responses to “Ubon Ratchathani Market and a Giant Mekong Catfish (ปลาบึก)

  1. Your girls are so cute.

  2. Do the girls have natural wavy hair? My husband and I have straight hair but my son happend to inherit the recessive gene from somewhere. His is wavy. None of our Thai relatives as I remember have wavy hair.

  3. 200 baht a kilo? I think you could feed the family on just 1 kilo of that big guy. This is the first one I’ve heard of, recently, that wasn’t caught in a “fishing park,” I imagine they’re getting pretty rare in the wild.

    I agree with Basil7; the girls look nice with their new haircuts.

  4. The fish looked like it got six packs!

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