The Brew Coffee in Ubon Ratchathani

Just to prove to you that I am not completely biased towards Peppers Bakery I thought I would let coffee lovers in on a little secret. There is now another place (apart from Peppers) in Ubon Ratchathani that can deliver you a caffeine hit that is just as good as back home in Australia.

The Brew Coffee has just opened in the last month on the 2nd floor at Citymall (part of Sunee). The original place is still open on the main road next door to Kubota (very close to Big C) but due to it’s location I only ever went there once. It is quite a nice little cafe.

This place however is a tiny coffee outlet amongst the chaos that can be City Mall. If you like people watching then this is the place for you! The Thai owner lived in Australia for a few years and really knows his coffee. Mixed right, correct temperature and mild beans made the two cups I had there go down a treat. Remember though that this is a tiny place for coffee and cake (which is purchased from Peppers). If you want space, food or ambiance then head to Peppers for your fix but if you find yourself at Sunee and need a caffeine hit then please do try this place.

Compared to all the neighbouring coffee outlets this place could seem expensive. Don’t scrimp on the quality though – you will regret it. A few small tables and free wifi are available.

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  1. Hey Andrew,

    I was in Ubon for about three weeks in November and I stayed at the Sunee Hotel. While I was in Ubon, I was invited to a Loy Grathong party at a friend’s house. While I was there, I had the pleasure to meet and talk to John from Pepper’s. I’ll be going back to Ubon in February. Here in the USA, the coffee at McDonald’s is highly rated. Have you checked out the coffee at McDonald’s in Ubon yet?


    • Hi Bob,
      So glad that you met John, a really lovely man that one. In regards to McDonalds, I have to be honest – I will be trying to avoid the place. That is not to say I will not ever go there and in fact the other day when we drove past I mentioned to my wife that it would be a good back up for a coffee on the road if we ever need a fix and are in a rush. That always seems to be the case for us so I am guessing it will happen sooner rather then later!

  2. I read somewhere that John has Peppers on the market for a modest 6,900,000 baht. Coffee and cake businesses in Ubon must be doing better than what I thought.

    • Yes you are correct on both counts. The price and its modesty. He has done extremely well over the last three years due to a serious amount of hard work. He now has four of his own shops in town with more opening soon plus dozens and dozens of outlets as far away as Phibun, Det Udon, Sisaket, Amnat and everywhere else in-between. For someone who doesn’t mind a little hard work then this is an excellent business to buy. Perhaps you should consider it? You never know – there could be more money in it then selling grass seed!!! 🙂

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