Another Thai village Christmas

One reason I love doing this blog is for the reminiscing. Every time the kids have a birthday or it is Christmas time I love doing a quick google search and looking back through my blogs over the year celebrating the same event and seeing how much the kids have grown over the years.

Well it is Christmas time again and once again time to put up the tree. With the kids growing so much it was clearly time we needed a bigger tree so I picked one up in Bic C last week when we were stuck in Ubon Ratchathani.

Here we are back in 2011 putting up our tiny Christmas tree.

2010 I was on a blogging hiatus but here is the cutest pic of the girls in front of the Sunee Christmas tree back in 2009.

And how tiny are they here back in 2008?

Even though Christmas is not celebrated here in the village at all three of my nieces were certainly ready to help my girls put the tree up.

The tree went up in record time before being shifted around to find the best location.

There were no shortage of helpers.

Complete concentration from Marisah

It is pretty obvious that the kids had full artistic control!

Jacob was interested for a few minutes.

My niece, Beam.

Another niece, Bow.

All finished! The tree decking team from left, Bow, Marisah, Cream, Ariya, Jacob and Beam.

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  1. nice post, have a happy holiday

  2. Hi Andrew – just got back from 3 days in adelaide for drs app and so on, and want to email you about your trip to Laos and taking some stuff over for Alan for me – but my Mail program won’t open up. I have a feeling you were leaving tomorrow so i hope not – will have to wait for bordernet to open up for support on the issue. Not exactly sure of your email either but you could email me back on *snip* THANKS!! Great pics by the way! great to see christmas in rural thailand!

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