Thailand is too hot!

We have been back in Australia for a little over two years now but due to the date we arrived we have been through three wet seasons. I guess we haven’t really been through them at all as we escape to Thailand during this time! What we are escaping is the build up to the wet season otherwise known as the silly season or troppo season. It starts in October and peaks in November / December. Each day is oppressively hot. Many days are over 40 degrees and all days are over 38. It is also really humid. It is so hot and humid that I was jogging at 4.30am just to beat the sun coming up. In the late afternoon storms clouds begin to form, the wind picks up a little, sometimes there is lightning but it just teases you before disappearing only to repeat the performance the next day and the day after that, without a drop of rain. This is why it is sometimes called the silly season as it really can play havoc with your mental state and a few people have been known to go ‘troppo’ due to an extended build up season.

It just so happens that this awful time of the year coincides with the cool dry season weather of Thailand so each year for the last three we have packed up for a few months and headed north.

All sounds pretty good doesn’t it? In theory yes and it was for the previous two years but for some reason this year is all mixed up. The rains went for longer and the high temperatures stuck around. Last week I thought the cooler weather had finally arrived but it only lasted for a few days. It is now back being hot, humid and yucky. As I type I have sweat running down my back, my chest and arms. I would take my shirt of but do not wish to scare the locals! I have resorted back to jogging as soon as I can see a few metres in front of myself in the early morning light before the sun gets up.

It is not all bad news though of course. The kids don’t mind at all as most afternoons we have been heading down to the river behind my house and splash up a storm for an hour or more. They just love it down there and I have to admit so do I. I sit in the sand on the river bank with a good book and enjoy listening to the kids play.

Marisah, Ariya and Cream just love it down at the river.

Most of it is pretty shallow but there are a few spots where they can practice their swimming.

These boys can often been seen down the river at the same time. They are cheeky as anything!

Digging for gold?

There is heaps of sand around so half the time is spent swimming and the other half digging to China or making sandcastles.

Every afternoon there is a steady procession of tractors, motorbikes and people on foot returning from working over the other side. There is also a lot of animals returning home after a long day of grazing the rice stubble.

None of which seems to phase the kids swimming!

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  2. I think someONE is responding to your blog. The temperature has come down a lot in the evenings. Very nice. Merry X’mas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

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