Another Thai building project – the lean-to – part II

Following on from part 1 the other day here is part two of our little building project from this trip. It is a lean-to for the old barn in the back yard. I left off the last post with the frame work basically complete.

First thing the next morning the two blokes were up on the roof removing all the old and rusted roofing iron.

With all the roofing iron removed they secured or replaced a few beams on the old barn before securing the nice new shiny pieces into place. I never realise how hard it is to take photos of brand new roofing iron in the middle of the day with the bright sun at it’s peak!

They knocked off a little early that day as then next job to do was the concrete floor. No point starting that with only a few hours left before dark.

So day three was to be the final day. A day of concreting, finishing a few lose ends and tidying up.

Jacob basically ignored the entire building process but the concreting stage fascinated him. Like any young boy he had to try and lend a hand as well.

I was pretty impressed with the job they did. Okay it is no oil painting but as far as shed lean-to’s go it is pretty swish! All we need to do now is add a few shelves and it will be all finished.

Wood: 1,000 baht ($31)
Roofing Iron: 5,400 baht ($170)
Concrete: 600 baht ($19)
Wages: 2,500 baht ($80)
Sand: Free from the river

Total price 8,500 baht ($265)

3 responses to “Another Thai building project – the lean-to – part II

  1. I see Jacob helping out, was Dad hiding under the shade somewhere ?

    • 100% correct! I can’t even hammer a nail in straight so when it comes to building projects I disappear pretty quick after taking the photos! How was your round of golf? Which course did you play at?

  2. It was a good round (well by my hacking standards) for me at Suppasitthiprasong and on the way there the outdoor temperature was reading 17C. But I fear the cold weather has gone into hiding with too many complains from the locals.

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