Please Dad, can we take them home to Australia?

My kids just love dogs and would do anything to have one at home in Australia. Unfortunately (for them) we live on a wildlife sanctuary where dogs are not allowed.

Imagine the sheer excitement when soon after we arrived in the village they found out that my sister in laws dog was pregnant. No one seemed to know when it was due so when it did give birth there were surprised smiles all around my house.

They visit them every day and have claimed one each as well as named them. Ariya chose the name Mary and Marisah named hers Nicholas. Here is a photo of the full litter.

Like most village mongrels the mother is not in the best of health so sister in law tops them up with a bit of extra milk every afternoon. I have never seen anyone else do this locally and I doubt it happens as milk is expensive and basically not many people care for their dogs at all. Take a read of my blog called the bucket truck for more information.

Jacob thinks they are pretty cute as well and loves to get right up close with them.

Here are my girls with their favourites Mary and Nicholas standing in front of the cow shed opposite my sister in laws house. This is where the dogs are as well as a chicken that just gave birth to about 15 little chicks. As you can imagine my kids love it there.

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  1. they are so cute! Love the pic of Jacob too.

  2. haha, I thought you were going to ask that… take it as both!

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