Pakse to Thailand with lunch at Sirindhorn Dam

After travelling from Thailand to Pakse, Paksong and then back to Pakse yesterday, I had hoped for a sleep in but unfortunately I was wide awake by sunrise.

I relaxed a little in my room waiting for the Delta Coffee shop to open. I had a meeting with the owner planned for breakfast but on my way my appetite got the better of me and I settled for my favourite Laos street food – a baguette with an Asian twist.

Laos Baguette

I still managed to fit in a bowl of soup at the coffee shop and a delicious Latte made from the best coffee beans around. Delta coffee grows, roasts, packets and sells direct their own coffee beans and they really are very good. They are organic and a lot of their profit goes back into building health centres in the immediate area where they farm and their staff live.

If you live in Australia and are interested in purchasing some delicious coffee beans you can order them from here.

After my meeting I was offered a quick tour of the new and very impressive Athena hotel right opposite Delta coffee. I will blog about that next. From there it was back to the hotel to pack up and hit the road.

Apart from a slight heart attack at the border I made pretty good time into Thailand and arrived at Sirindhorn dam right on noon and time for lunch! I wrote about this place a few years ago when I visited with friends.

The place was quite empty so I had a nice view from my table.

view from restaurant at Sirindhorn Dam

The wind across the lake brought the temperature down a welcomed few degrees. I immediately ordered before sitting back and enjoying the view while waiting for my food. It wasn’t long before I was tucking into some rice, pork and vegetables as well as some delicious baby pork spare ribs.

Pork spare ribs

Thai stir fry

This is outside the restaurant and the next photo is looking south across the dam.

outside restaurant at Sirindhorn Dam

Sirindhorn Dam

It really was very relaxing there but with great reluctance I eventually got back into my car for the final two hour drive home to some very excited kids!