Roasting potatoes in your bread maker

One year and three days ago I blogged about my success in buying a bread machine in Thailand and the wonderful loaves of sweet smelling bread that were spewing forth from it. For some reason it became one of my most popular entries so thought I would give a little update on something I recently discovered about the bread maker.

I read online that you can also roast potatoes in your bread maker and given that I love roast potatoes and do not own an oven in Thailand I thought I should give it a crack.

The potatoes that I bought at the local market (quite hard to find as it is not a popular vegetable here) are quite yellow in colour and taste quite different. After an hour in my bread maker though with a little salt and olive oil they tasted fantastic! So fantastic that they were all eaten before I had a chance to take a photograph of the finished product!



5 responses to “Roasting potatoes in your bread maker

  1. Interesting! They sound fantastic.

  2. Do you spend your free time throwing foodstuff into your bread machine to see if it cooks well ? How many bread machines have you gone through ? 🙂

    • Not quite – but I do miss my oven! I have also discovered that mixing the dried flowers from a basil bush makes for some tasty bread!

  3. Making jam in a bread machine is really really easy and makes great jam andrew – you could whip up some jam to go with your bread, just need fruit, lemon juice & some sugar (if you are eating sugar again?) . i think the recipe for the times is in the instruction manual! who needs a thermomix!!

    • Hi Rachel, great to see you commenting again! Great tip on the bread maker, I had no idea it could do that. I am still trying to avoid sugar but it is not going as well as I had hoped whilst being in Thailand but the inlaws love jam on my home made bread so will have a look in the manual and see what it says.

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