Cooking Damper on a Thai BBQ

One afternoon the girls asked me if they could cook Damper.

With our time in the village fast approaching an end I figured it would be best if we did it that evening. I was going to organise a camp fire when my lazy gene kicked in and I realised it would be easier for me and easier for the kids to cook if I just used the coals from the Thai Style BBQ that we cook on almost every night.

On our way back from a swim in the river that afternoon the kids carefully selected a stick for the job and I fired up the bread machine (lazy gene was well and truly in fine form by then) to get the mix ready.

As the sun set my two girls and a cousin settled in for a cooking and eating session.

kids cooking damper on a stick

cooking damper on a stick

I was kept busy moulding the dough onto the sticks and then removing it when cooked before adding butter and jam. They were a hit and the entire family plus a few neighbours really enjoyed them.

Damper cooked on coals in Thailand

Man cannot live on bread alone so to make sure we had a well balanced meal we fired up the other BBQ at the same time and cooked up about half a pig to munch on between the damper snacks.

BBQ Pork spare ribs in Thailand

It was so nice sitting out on the lawn watching and sharing a joke with the neighbours and it was so easy to organise that I need to make sure to do it more often.

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  2. Delicious Thai BBQ. I love it. I am not sure how much it spicy 🙂
    Nice blog.

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