A trip of answered prayers. Chiang Mai to Darwin via Singapore

After a busy day galavanting around Chiang Mai the kids slept well while Seerung and I stayed up a little, repacking everything for the long flight ‘home’.

The next morning everyone was ready apart from Jacob who was still sleeping soundly at 9am. Eventually we could wait no longer so I went into his room to wake him up and this was the sight I was greeted with!

What a sight for sore eyes!

What a sight for sore eyes!

Flashes of having to cancel all the flights flashed through my mind thinking that my little boy had come down with some disastrous virus before he laid my mind to rest by jumping around the room full of energy before giving me a great big hug. I soon realised that he must have been bitten by something in his sleep and had an allergic reaction. We had some antihistamine medicine with us (thanks Mum!) so got him to guzzle down a cap full and before you knew it we were checking in for our flight to Singapore with Silk Air. While the swelling in his eye did reduce a little, it took two days before it disappeared.

When checking in for our flight we were told that our request for a bassinet row was a no go and that I was meant to phone the office 48 hours before departure. I told them that I did call them yesterday and to his credit a man in the background heard what I was saying and came forward and said that he remembered my phone call. Apologies all around then and to be honest I wasn’t that fussed for a short three hour flight. They then told me though that the five hour flight in the middle of the night from Singapore to Darwin was completely sold out and they could not give me a bassinet for that flight either!

It then got worse! All silk Air planes are three seats each side of the aisle so when they told me for the 2nd leg they had given me a window and a middle seat in one row and the same again in the row behind I was pretty mad. I asked them how we were going to swap an infant around between us during meal times, toilet times and upset times etc when we are hemmed in by people in the aisle seats? They said all we can do is go to the transit counter in Singapore and see if they could find the people in the aisle seats and ask them to swap to the window seats.

Then to top it all off the flight to Singapore was delayed and delayed again and we were starting to look at the real possibility of missing the connection from hell anyway! While the kids played Seerung and I prayed together for a little divine intervention and God came through!

* Within minutes they announced that the broken part on the plane had now been fixed and to please start boarding.
* The flight to Singapore went perfectly with the little man.
* At Singapore airport while looking for the transit desk a voice behind me said
“Hey MeMock! You look lost!” It was a good friend from Kununurra!
* Good friend from Kununurra (GFFK) I soon discovered was on his way home from Europe to fight bush fires that were threatening his cattle
station property and was on the same flight as us to Darwin!
* I told him that I was trying to find the transit desk as I was hoping to swap the people next to us in the aisle seats for window ones. We
compared boarding passes and discover that he is in fact one of those people sitting right next to me!
* He then helps us with all our bags while we find the right staff who immediately (she was right next to us) finds the other person who says
no worries about swapping seats.
* They mentioned again that the plane was over booked so no spare seats anywhere so imagine our surprise (mind you I was used to it by now)
when there was one no show and it happened to be right opposite us and next to a lovely Thai lady who quickly allowed GFFK to take the seat
giving us some much welcomed extra space!
* The plane to Darwin departed on time, the kids were brilliant and I had a great time catching up with GFFK over a few glasses of
complimentary Red!

So although we landed at 2am we were a happy bunch of Vegemites who arrived back in Australia after three months away. By 3am we were in a taxi to our hotel and by 4am everyone was asleep while I went off to the nearest 24 hours roadhouse on foot for some milk, bread and toilet paper. Yes that’s right, the hotel had no toilet paper and for some reason there was also no Bum Gun….. but more on that later!

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  2. I must admit although I loved having young kids I am looking forward to a more relaxed international travel experience this time round 🙂 Delighted with your wonderful answers to prayer. He goes before us indeed.

  3. waaaa…. that is a story!!! God is pretty amazing how he works.

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