The holiday is over!

After checking into the City Gardens Apartments on Woods street in Darwin, Seerung gave the kids a quick shower while I went off to get some toilet paper as for some reason there was none! This became a common theme over the three days we stayed there with no extra bin liners being available or dishwashing liquid etc. Over all the place was decent due simply for the fact that a 2 bedroom apartment in Darwin for $140 (4,000 baht) is a bit of a score but I would have been very disappointed if I had stayed here during the tourist season when the price is double that.

Had a sudden re baptism of Australian Yobboismn while we were there with a group of about 15 Aussie blokes managing to hog the pool from the early morning till late at night for all three days drinking enough alcohol to sink the Titanic two times over. Listening to their conversations and watching their antics every time we went out was disgusting and embarrassing.

Anyway – enough about the City Gardens Apartments, after getting some toilet paper plus some milk and bread for the morning I was soon back at the hotel and quickly off to sleep at 5am.

I woke up at about 11am and made myself a cuppa before deciding to get Jacob up so that he could still have an afternoon nap that day and get straight back into his regular routine. I took him for a walk down to the local shops and bought some brunch and a paper etc before heading back to wake the rest of the family.

I then ordered a taxi to head to our friends place who were looking after our car. That was a bit of a shock to the system with the half an hour drive costing $70 (2,000 baht!) We sure weren’t in Kansas Thailand anymore! Had a good catch up with our friends before heading back to the apartments for an early night.

The next few days were spent running around Darwin doing various odd jobs. They included getting some new running shoes for myself, visiting the optometrist again for Ariya and myself and attending our appointment with the Department of Immigration to discuss Seerungs visa status and work out exact dates for when she can apply for Australian citizenship. Our maths was off so I was a bit disappointment when we left realising that it will be May 2014 and not September 2013 when the application can be lodged.

We of course managed to eat out at a few different restaurants and coffee shops and take the kids down to the harbour and off to a park but before long we knew that the holiday was well and truly over and it was time to head the 830 kms back to Kununurra.

The road trip went fine as I remembered the travel calm pills for the kids before we started unlike the debacle I had driving to Darwin three months previously! It was nice to be back in our house which was spotless thanks to my sister in law and my nieces who had used it for a bit while their Kitchen was being renovated. For the kids everything old was new again and they had a blast playing with long forgotten toys but more importantly their cousins! Seerung and I started the long process of catching up on three months of various jobs and getting ready for another fun and exciting year in Australia….well…..until our next trip to Thailand!

Ariya trying on some glasses. Thankfully she did not end up needing them which unfortunately I could not say the same for myself.

Ariya trying on some glasses. Thankfully she did not end up needing them which unfortunately I could not say the same for myself.

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