Melbourne, Sydney and rural Victoria

Our flight to Melbourne was perfect. Clear skies, happy kids and an on-time arrival. Once we had collected all our luggage we called our friend Margret to say we were ready and she drove into the pick up area and we loaded up her car and within a few minutes I waved goodbye to her and all my family.

They were all headed about 90 minutes drive South East of Melbourne to Margret’s house while I turned around and heading back inside the terminal to board a flight for Sydney. I had a 10am appointment the following morning in North Sydney to lodge some important documents so it was easiest if I just flew straight on instead of driving another hour and a half back to the airport early the next morning.

Once again everything went well and by about 10.30pm I was in my over priced and very average hotel room in the CBD of Sydney. I popped out for a meal and drink before hitting the sack. After coffee in the morning I caught a taxi across the bridge to North Sydney. The taxi driver had a chuckle at the tourist in the back seat straining out the window with his phone trying to capture a photo of the iconic bridge. I thought I did pretty well actually!

My view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the back seat of a taxi.

My view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the back seat of a taxi.

With all the forms lodged I took a quick walk through North Sydney before catching a train to the airport and a flight back to Melbourne. Once there I picked up a hire car and right on peak hour started the drive to Margret’s house. The traffic jams reminded me a bit of Bangkok and it was a little over three hours later that I made it back to my family.

The next three days were wonderful. Two of the three the weather was perfect and we spent our time checking out the local area and catching up with friends. Some were new friends and some were old ones who had travelled for hours to visit us. Our kids caught up with friends of theirs as well and we enjoyed a beautiful BBQ with the sun setting at 9pm and the kids playing long and hard into the night.

Apart from seeing friends the other reason we were there was to scope the place out as a possible next place for us all to live. I had heard that there was a fantastic little school in the area that had come recommended by many different people so we did a tour of it which was great. We also checked out the local real estate situation as well as many coffee shops as possible!

Jacob and Sarah got along like a house on fire. I stirred Margret up a little by mentioning that perhaps in 20 years time they might still make a lovely couple! Here are three photos of them. Even though the last one is blurred I love how he is looking at her!



photo 4

All the kids got together and put on a ‘show’ two days running. One didn’t start till quite late and we needed the car headlights to illuminate the stage!


photo 3

Coming from a stinking hot climate where the sun sets at 5pm there is something so relaxing about having a BBQ dinner with it still light, the temperature cool and it is 8pm!


One afternoon we had a walk around Margret’s farm and with all the lush green grass the kids decided they were tigers in the jungle. This is my favourite photo from the three days we were there.


Unfortunately the fun times had to come to an end and the adventure had to continue. On Sunday after church we hit the road and make tracks further east before turning south to go to Phillip Island. Our plans to stay on Phillip Island were thwarted when we discovered that the V8 super-cars were on that weekend and the place was fully booked so we pulled up stumps a little early at a lovely little town called Inverloch.

The kids were exhausted after three days of solid playing and all crashed out in the back of the car pretty quickly.

Kids sleeping in car

We checked into a cabin on the main road, unpacked then headed out for a walk. We went straight to the beach but the tide was right in so there was no sand to walk on.

Coast at Inverloch

We then walked into town via a playground to find some dinner. It was an early night for all as we had a fairly early start in the morning driving back to Melbourne Airport to catch our flight to Hobart, Tasmania.

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  2. What a lovely time you had with Margret. I think we holidayed in Inverloch as kids. The name sounds familiar. Love your bridge pic by the way.

  3. looks like the airline gods are with you….good connections and no delays. have fun with the family.

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