A vintage wedding in outback Australia

I continue this blog entry from where I was dropped off at the Hobart Airport in my previous entry.

My plane to Melbourne was delayed by about 90 minutes so I took that opportunity to catch up on some work while enjoying a coffee. Eventually we departed and an hour later I was in Melbourne. I then caught the shuttle bus to the hire car place. The bus was full and it took quite a while to sort out the paperwork before finally I was on my way – well on the wrong way really as i took the wrong freeway and had to do another 8kms before I could turn around! It was 9.30pm before I was finally on the right highway and heading in the correct direction!

I made a phone call to the Acacia Motor Inn in Nhill which I had previously looked up as a possible place to stay if planes were delayed etc. Nhill is located an hour east of Bordertown which is where I was born and where my sister lives and was getting married the following day. It was going to be almost 3am by the time I got to Bordertown so thought it would be prudent to take a room in Nhill, get a few hours sleep before arriving the following morning.

Sure enough, it was just before 2am when I arrived and even though the place was pretty dodgy I wasted no time getting some shut eye.

I was up at 7.30am and arrived at the farm where the wedding was to take place just a little after 9am. A quick hello to all the family of various sorts before it was time to get dressed up and head off to the church. I needed to be there early as I was an usher.

Buckingham Church South Australia

This is Buckingham Church. The first church built in the area and only 6kms from the farm. It is tiny and so a marque with a big screen had to be set up as we could only squeeze about 60 people inside.

Buckingham Church South Australia

Thankfully the weather was perfect and no one fainted inside!

Wedding at Buckingham Church South Australia

The ceremony was a really special one and before long my sister was a married woman! It was then back to the farm for the party. It started out in the back paddock where various seats, sofas and hay bales were set up. A picnic hamper was also available for everyone full of yummy food including some fabulous products from my sisters home business.

There was different games scattered around as well as a photo booth. It was the most relaxing reception I had ever been to and was perfect for families with kids. There was even a piano available for guests to have a tinker on!

Vintage wedding country Australia

Piano in a paddock

When evening came we moved up to the house where around the dam a magical setting had been organised. The theme was Vintage and the attention to detail was simply mind blowing. Again it was a very relaxed affair but the food was first class. It was mouth watering delicious and the fantastic speeches that were made topped off a fantastic night. Quite a few people stayed late and I was asked to attend to a few things when everyone was gone so another late night was a certainty.

At 2am there was just the bride and groom left so I told them that it was time that they left! They then discovered that the wedding wagon had a flat battery so it was a funny sight for sure as my sister and I pushed the car while the groom was in the drivers seat trying to get it started.

Eventually just before 3am I hit the sack only to be woken by the sun at 7am. I got up and spent the next few hours helping clean up. At about 11 am my Father and I as well as my brother and two others then went to check out the two farms that I am involved in. It was great to see the bean and wheat crops looking fantastic.

Wheat crop Bordertown South Australia

Back to the farm for a scrumptious lunch of left overs and before I knew it, it was 2pm and it was time to drive the 500 kms back to Melbourne. It was an uneventful trip and I arrived at 8pm. Dropped the car off, checked in and fell into by seat for the flight to Hobart. From there it was a very expensive taxi ride back to my darling family where I can tell you I slept very very well!

Although it was an epic trip there is no way I would have missed it. My new brother in law Wade is a fantastic bloke and I just know they are going to have an amazing life together. The wedding was simply awesome. The service, the church, the two receptions, the food, the friends and the family. Amazing!

Well done Wade and Rachel, I wish you all the very best for your future life together.

My sister Rachel and my new Brother in law, Wade.

My sister Rachel and my new Brother in law, Wade.

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  2. Sweet, sweet day. So glad for them

  3. cool hat! looks like a gorgeous wedding for some pretty neat people.

  4. At last I have heard something about the wedding. Thanks for the description and the pics.

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