A look back at my 2013 resolutions

Back in January 2013 I made this blog entry.

Part of it was a look forward into 2013 and a few plans that I had hope to achieve. It is unusual for me to put such personal goals on line and there were quite a few of a more personal nature that I decided not to include.

I thought it would be good to look back and see if I managed to achieve any of my New Year Resolutions.

* Teach my kids chess

Yes! I had great fun teaching them chess and they picked it up very quickly.

* Play more card games / jigsaws with my kids

Yes! Not really the jigsaws but I bought a few different card games which I play with them fairly often.

* Run 5km in less then 23 minutes. (currently my best time is 25 mins)

50/50 I managed to get my best time down into the 24 minute area.

* Run 10kms in less then 50 minutes (currently my best time is 53 mins)

50/50 I managed to get it into the 51 minute area on two occasions when really pushing it.

* Have everything in order for Seerung to gain Australian Citizenship and have a date set for when it can happen in 2014.

Yes! Had a meeting with immigration in Darwin and was given a date of May this year when we can apply.

* Get myself an APEC card for travel.

No. Looked into it but my business in Laos did not quite have all the requirements so I have let this drop.

* Travel with my family to somewhere different (either in Australia or a different country)

Yes! We had a lovely time in Tasmania. (Check out my entries from December 2013.)

* Work on getting over my fear of public speaking

50/50 I forced myself to accept a couple on invitations to speak in front of a medium sized group. The first time was bad but the following two times were much better. I was the MC at my sisters second wedding which went well even though I was a bundle of nerves. I am on my way but still need a lot more practice.

* Eat less meat

50/50 I started to have some specific days of not eating meat but after a few months I stopped doing it. I am more conscious of how much meat I cook or server up so a small success but could do a lot better.

* Turn my computer off for longer periods

No. I failed miserably at this one.

* Take the kids camping at least once.

50/50 We did not technically sleep over night but did spend a full day with a camp fire cooking three meals and exploring the area with friends.

* Take the kids bush walking.

50/50 See above.

* Read more about fasting and participate in my first fast.

50/50 I did three fasts. They were small. 24 hours for the first one. 48 hours for the second one and I gave up after 24 hours for the third one even though I had planned to go 2 – 3 days.

* Complete or have everything in place for at least one new business or real estate deal.

I spent a lot of time working on a project through out the year but unfortunately a lack of land thwarted my efforts for a while. When some came up I then discovered that someone else with the same idea had already started construction and so I was pipped at the post. A very good lesson in striking while the iron is hot. I did however purchase a property late in the year that I am happy with and have things in place for 2014 along the same line.

So there you have it. Over all not a bad outcome I guess considering this is the first time in my life I have ever written a list like this.

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  2. Not bad at all! What are your 2014 goals, or have you decided against writing a new list this year? I like that you’ve set some very achievable goals. Mine often tend to be very vague. I need to have another look at my list for 2014.

    • Hi Jessica,
      It is easier for me to type “I want to teach my kids chess” then “I want to soften my heart enough to be able to give real love felt help to the neighbour who killed my dog last month in a drug fuelled rage”. I find it really hard to explain that second point properly with just a key board plus I find that it is something that is really between God (and my family) and me only.
      For that reason I thought I wouldn’t write anything down in public this year because they do seem rather lame kind of goals when I am not adding the real personal ones.

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