Back in Ubon Ratchathani

After a great three days in Bangkok with family it was time to head to Ubon. Both girls had been sick the day before and while Marisah was a lot better Ariya was still under the weather. The taxi ride wasn’t much fun for her and just as we pulled into Don Muang airport her stomach gave way.

As I had most of the luggage (5 bags) it was quite an effort trying to deal with Ariya plus get us through the night mare that is the Don Muang bag scan and check in system. Eventually we were on our flight and made it to Ubon with only one more vomit!

Due to the girls sickness Seerung and I had decided it would be best if we rested up the night in Ubon before she came and picked us up the following morning.We caught a taxi to the T3 hotel and took our usual connecting rooms on the 4th floor. Both girls had a sleep that afternoon and when the woke they were feeling much better so we went out for an early dinner before heading back to the hotel. More sleep and by the morning we were raring to go.

After waking we packed our bags before walking down to a favourite coffee shop of ours, Balcony Kiss. Unfortunately the coffee had changed and so had the food (there was none) but we still enjoyed the cool morning sitting outside with my coffee and the girls juice. I walked down the street a little and found some kebabs and sticky rice for us all to much on for breakfast.

After a long wait eventually Seerung showed up with the car and Jacob and a nice mini reunion was had! It was then back to T3 to pick up the bags and check out then onto Central for some shopping before heading home to the village.

It is always a great feeling being back in my tojo ute pick-up making the drive over the rough dirt roads back to my second home. It was lovely to see everyone again and to notice that once again my in laws had done an excellent job looking after the house and garden.

The next few days were spent catching up with all the rellies as well as settling into the slower pace that is Village life. Before too long though it was time to head back to Ubon to pick up my brother and his family for part two of their time with us.

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