Quite a break

Well – that was quite a break wasn’t it!

10 months since my last post – the longest break by far that this blog has taken during the last six and a half years. Thank you so much for the comments via email, twitter and in person from people asking when I was going to start writing again. Well I am happy to say that the answer is now!

There will be quite a change though to the normal dribble that I usually type out as our circumstances have changed quite a lot.

Living or spending lots of time in Thailand are no longer part of our plans.
We have moved 4,000 kms clear across the other side of the country so living in the outback in the far north of Western Australia is also gone although both places have and will be visited regularly.
Homeschooling my kids has also changed quite significantly.
New businesses have been started and old ones have changed direction.

And that is just half the stuff that has been going on! I look forward to slowly bringing you up to speed over the next few weeks.

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  2. Looking forward to the next chapter

  3. He speaks! Looking forward to reading about your next stage of life.

  4. We missed you. Looking forward to see how much the kids have grown.

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