Marisah turns nine

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Marisah turning nine fell right in the middle of her year three school camp. She didn’t seem too fussed but then again nothing seems to worry my previous (not so) little girl. I am constantly amazed at the way she adapts to sudden changes and always puts my mind and heart at ease.

Parent help at all school camps is welcomed so I made sure I went and visited (camp was only 40 minutes away) for the afternoon and evening of her birthday. The teachers found out about the birthday and invited me to stay for dinner and sit with Marisah. We had a wonderful meal and a great time with her friends and were surprised by a birthday cake plate of food with a candle that they managed to rustle up before singing her Happy Birthday.

Marisah 9

The day before camp we had a special afternoon tea. The black eye is from Hockey training.

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  1. Jessica Lee Letchford

    Love you marisah!! What a shiner.

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