Ariya turns 11

Ariya turns three.
Ariya turns four.
Ariya turns six.
Ariya turns eight.
Ariya turns nine.
Ariya turns 10.

During the previous 12 months Ariya has made the most amazing group of friends at school. They are all beautiful kids and I hope that they stick together for the rest of school and even perhaps their lives.

Ariya invited them all around for an afternoon and evening of chocolate fondu, fun and pizza making and consuming.

Lots of laughs and giggles – long may it continue.

Ariya (closest to the camera) with her friends and chocolate fondu.

Ariya playing the clown with friends and sister Marisah with the pizzas ready to go in the oven.

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  1. Jessica Lee Letchford

    That’s so cool and special to have friends like that!! I really hope they continue throughout their lives as childhood friends is such a big blessing.

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