Jacob turns five

Jacobs Birth.
Jacob turns one.
Jacob turns two.
Jacob turns three.
Jacob turns four.

Compared to the non event when he turned four – Jacobs fifth was one to remember.
Jacob shares his birthday with his cousin Elise who is in Kununurra. We had planned a family trip to Kununurra as had my sister and her family from South Australia and my parents from New Zealand.
My folks had finished their memoirs and wanted to show us the finished product (it was awesome) so a family reunion of sorts was organised.
S it was decided that a joint celebration would be had for both kids and a smash able birthday cake was promised by my sister. Jacob was so looking forward to using a hammer to smash open his cake!
We were in Kununurra for 10 days and while I had a lot of work on at the time there was a lot of fun had as well and memories for the kids that will last a life time.
I will let the photos and captions tell the rest of the story.
Happy birthday Jacob!


Birthday cake on the actual birthday before going on holiday.


The fabulous cake before being attacked with a hammer!

This video shows Jacob finally been allowed to open his cake with a hammer!


So much sugar!


Hogging in!


A hug with the other birthday kid – cousin Elise!


Learning to fly a drone with his Uncle Paul


Fishing at Ivanhoe Crossing. First time fishing and first ever catch!


Riding in the Kubota with Uncle Paul is always fun.


Swimming with the cousins was another highlight of the trip.


Hooning with Grumpy was scary but fun!


All the cousins together!

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