My name is MeMock and I swap between homes and lives in outback Thailand in the province of Ubon Ratchatani and outback Australia in the far north of Western Australia. I am a stay at home Dad (most of the time) to three kids under the age of six as well as being married to a truly wonderful woman.

I ‘retired’ five years ago aged 30 which now allows me to home-school my children while at the same time running various investments and businesses in Australia, Thailand and Laos.

Please feel free to email me if you would rather not leave a comment on the blog. Use this address:

memock @ west .au (just delete the spaces.)

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  1. well done lad let me know if you need me to send some mistical water to you

    MeMock said “Anymore water around here and we will float away. The place is soaked!”

  2. G’day MeMock thanks for starting your blog we too are moving to Thailand next year for a “once in a life time adventure” and are in the process of kicking our blog off as well. I look forward to following your adventure and will be checking in regularly for updates.
    btw what’s the name of your village?

    MeMock said “Hey cimboc, looking forward to seeing you over here. I hope we are still around when you arrive.
    Decided not to put the name of the village up online for various reasons, hope you understand.”

  3. Hey Mock family,
    We look forward to following your progress
    Our prayers are with you, I know you will have a ball. Have you left NZ for good now, what happened to the Mercides?

    MeMock replied “Thanks for the prayers, we are gonna need them! Have we left NZ for good? I have no idea. If work in Laos takes off then I would say yes, if it doesn’t we could very well be back there in under 6 months time. Will see what happens. The benz is in the loving hands of my mother however I did clean it up and take photos the day before we left so that I can sell it on trade me to fund a car over here if need be. That might be sooner rather then later as not having wheels here is a real pain.”

  4. well hope life in thailand is going well…….missing you? would love to chat again one fine day!!!! take care over there love to the fam xoxo

    MeMock replied “hey porgia, missing you heaps as well, things are so crazy here at the moment there just doesn’t seem much time to be able to chat with anyone at the moment, I can’t wait for when it does happen though!”

  5. great site good pics too, hope things go well for you here in the los we have been here five years and love it more every day, i’ll add you to my blogs to follow . Malcolm

  6. Hi!…my name is Pete..I am planning to retire to Isaan in a couple of years…Amnat Charoen I hope.

    Is there an opportunity for teaching english as a small business out there?
    I’d appreciate your comments..Pete Holmes

    MeMock replied “Hi Pete, Thanks for dropping by. I am not an English teacher so my knowledge is rather limited. However I have noticed a massive amount of small businesses who claim to teach English. Most of these places do not have a native speaker on their books and one thing I do know for sure is that Thais that want to learn English want to learn from foreigners (especially those with ‘cool’ accents). Therefore I would assume that there is a market for this sort of thing around these areas. Good luck and make sure you keep in touch.”

  7. Hello MeMock,

    My name is John.

    First and foremost, please know that I am not selling anything.

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    MeMock replied ‘anyone who starts off an email saying “First and foremost, please know that I am not selling anything” must be selling something! Thanks but no thanks.’

  8. MeMock, Been living in small village near Ubon since 2005. Appreciated the info re: being able to swap books at the WrongWay Cafe. Next trip to Ubon intend to check out the selection and also stop by the bakery.

    MeMock replied “Hi Terrell, great to hear from you. Please make sure you ask for me (Andrew) when you pop into the shop so that we can have a chat.”

  9. (Misspelled my E-mail (Thailoht) in my previous comment…..

    I just wanted to say how beautifully refreshing it was to see the pics of the Ubon countryside taken from the gondola of a Hot Air balloon!

    I can hardly wait to find the right ‘abode’ so I can relocate there!


  11. hello andrew..i followed your blogs and well done for moving to ubon” never easy so keep it up ..peter london england ..i think i will pop in to peppers for pizza when im on holiday there in jan..all the best

  12. Hi Andrew,
    Just forwarded yr cafe web to my bro to see if he is residing anywhere close to you. Peppers looks absolutely fabulous, Well done, I am sure you are enjoying it tremendously…….. Your girls are absolutely gorgeous, they really are, and I am sure time has gone quickly for you in 14 mths. Yes, correct, time for me to pick up and come and visit, would love to visit your country. Have a fabulous December, and keep in touch, X

  13. Hi Memock,

    I couldn’t believe all the cars in Ubon…as I’ve been living in Nakhon Phanom I hadn’t seen that many cars in months! I checked out your blog, if I get back to Ubon I will definitely check out your cafe as well as the used book swap – I’m constantly looking for English books up here. I actually was wondering how you found my blog as I’ve searched for it and can’t find it through google…

    So Happy holidays! take care

  14. Hi Andrew,

    No contact information here so I am sending this your way through your comments…hope you don’t mind. My name is Steve and I write the blog Thailand Musings. As a fellow blogger in the Thailand area I would like very much to interview you and help to get the word out about your blog. Obviously this has some benefit for me, but it also has great benefits for you:
    1. Gets your blog’s name out in front of my 500+ daily visitors
    2. Gets you targeted links back to your blog
    3. Increased traffic to your blog and likely an increase in subscribers
    4. It will be fun!

    I will provide a short blurb with a link back to your blog as an introduction to the post. If there is anything you think should be included in that blurb please feel free to let me know. I would also like to highlight some of the best posts on your blog and the last question in the interview is geared towards that. Please provide the titles and links of 3-5 of your best pieces for me to link out to. You can also write short descriptions of each post if you like.

    I understand that many of the questions are quite generic and that was done by design as this interview format will be a series on Thailand Musings with many different Thailand blogs being featured. I am basically looking to introduce a variety of fellow Thailand bloggers to the world. If you would like, please feel free to modify the questions to make them more focused on the topic of your blog. You can also submit photos if you like for inclusion in the interview if appropriate.

    Other than answering the questions and sending them back to me nothing else is necessary on your part, although a link back to Thailand Musings would be nice, either in a post letting your readers know about the interview or possibly in your blogroll. I leave that decision up to you. Interviews may not be posted immediately, but I will let you know via email when I post your interview so you can direct your readers to it if you like.

    1. What is your name, the name of your blog and the subject matter of the Thailand blog (language, food, general life, nightlife, etc)? If you don’t mind, please provide a photo of yourself so I can share it with my readers. We all like to see who it is that we’re talking to.
    2. How long have you been blogging about Thailand? What was your inspiration to start Life in Rural Thailand? Did you (or do you) blog about any other subjects?
    3. Obviously you are not Thai and have chosen to expatriate to Thailand. What country are you from originally? What made you choose Thailand as your home away from home?
    4. How long have you been visiting and/or living in Thailand? If you’re currently living in Thailand, what part of Thailand do you live in? Why did you choose this city/province over others in Thailand?
    5. From the south of Thailand to Bangkok and Chiang Mai and the NE provinces of Isaan Thailand is very different depending on what part of the country you’re in. What is your favorite region in Thailand and why?
    6. Even though Thai food is really built upon the same 4 precepts as Chinese food (sweet, sour, spicy and salty) Thai food is known throughout the world for its spicy component. Do you like spicy food? What is your favorite Thai dish?
    7. Thailand is known to be very affordable as a tourist destination and as a place to live. What things do you find to be the biggest bargains in Thailand?
    8. Even though there are bargains to be had, some things are certainly more expensive than others. What do you find to be most expensive in Thailand?
    9. There are many good reasons given by those who live in Thailand for settling in the Kingdom. What do you feel is the best part of living in Thailand?
    10. One group that’s easy to find online are the complainers who live in Thailand, but seem to feel that the Thai’s should change to accommodate their Western guests. What things do you feel are frustrating for foreigners living in Thailand? Do you think these aspects of Thailand should change or that they are simply part of the culture?
    11. Considering the last few years especially it’s evident that Thailand is a country in flux. Western thinking and Western customs are rapidly invading the Kingdom. The Thai people seem to be looking for change and the political leadership in Thailand is constantly changing. How do you think Thailand has changed since the first time you visited, both positively and negatively?
    12. Even with all the changes in the past decades, it’s safe to say that Thailand is very different from any Western country. How is your life in Thailand different from your life in the West?
    13. Please tell us about 3-5 of the best posts from your blog.

    You can contact me at steve@thailandmusings if you have any questions about the interview and can send answers back to the same address. Thank you in advance for your time and take care,

  15. HA! I didn’t realize that the comment wouldn’t be moderated. Please feel free to delete both the previous comment as well as this one.

  16. Lovely website and lovely photos and lovely daughters…any idea what happened to Geoff’s blog ? all the best 2010

  17. Yes…they seem to have disappeared for a few months now…hope all is well with them ?

  18. All I know is that his blog was hacked over the last few days and dozens of spam emails from his site came my way. I hope they are ok.

  19. Yes…its been quiet for few months now and no indication of any reason…last one was he was heading home to Amy but that was as I say long time.
    Anyway,fascinating site of yours and very interesting reading. Hope the scan went wel….have had that a few times…no fun !!

  20. Having just spent Songkran in Baan Klang and Det Udom I have been checking for news reports of unrest in Ubon Ratchathani province. It’s a shame to see that it has spread to this area as well.

  21. Love your blogs, Memock! Thanks for keeping such a fantastic journey for us to enjoy. I grew up as a young child in Ubon in the early 70’s until all the Farangs packed up and left in ’75…

    • Hi Odyssey,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Do you remember much of Ubon as a kid? Have you been back? Ubon must have been an amazing place during the war but I can imagine that the sudden exodus of so many people must have caused many problems for the locals left behind.
      I would love to hear more of your story if you feel like sharing.

  22. Hi there! Thanks for commenting my blog, you are living in Ubon?

  23. hi Memock,

    great blog, we’re planning to be in Ubol this weekend to shoot a travel tv show for True.

    was wondering if u had any local suggestions for any new and interesting as we are having a hard time finding stuff that hasn’t already been covered many times before.

    are the waterfalls still dry?

  24. Hey Andrew and family —

    I hope you’re safe and sound back in Australia and we’re looking forward to your return to Thailand!

    Could you spread this message throughout your Ubon contacts?

    There is a nice house for rent behind Tesco. Three bedroom, two bath. If someone is interested they can call Goi at 081-879-7276. It is available now.

    Thanks! — Carla

  25. Hello Memock,
    my name is joe , i live in ubon have a thai bride,have restraunt, what i need to know is how can i find thai workers to supply and install a water pump on my land , any info would be a great help to me , and any cost has i have tried to find but not had any success, thanks joe .

    • Hi Joe,

      What kind of restaurant do you have and where in Ubon is it?
      In regards to a water pump I would just go to one of the large hardware stores and if you are happy with their product ask them to install it for you. Most shops have people on staff who for extra money will install just about anything! Good luck.

  26. Hahaha…I read above that you are part of Peppers (or were at one time). John is handing my wedding cake details and will be delivering it for us…seems like a really nice guy and I’m looking forward to meeting him in person.

    Nice blog you have here…I’ll have to subscribe. 🙂

    • Yes that is correct. My wife and I sold Peppers to John about 6 months ago. He is a nice bloke and doing a wonderful job with the place. Thanks for the nice words about the blog, glad you found it and happy reading through the last few years of life in and around Ubon! Are you hanging around after your wedding? If so, I might see you at Peppers some time.

  27. Hi Memock – I am missing Ubon a lot. Good to read your c0mments. Like to get back there soon. Im trying to find a place to rent for a few months – small house with a bit of a garden. Any suggestions?

    Robert (Melbourne)

    • Hi Robert, glad you are enjoying a taste of ‘home’ through my ramblings. Renting a house for just a few months is almost impossible to do in Thailand. Most places want 12 months minimum. Your best bet is to get an apartment which there are plenty to chose from in Ubon.

  28. great web site really enjoyed the photos and write ups.
    keep up the great work 🙂

  29. great work u have don appreciated work keep it up and update us

  30. Hi pal!
    Im into finish this blog soon…

  31. Wonder if you noticed this re Geoff Belanger…remember Geoff and Amy ?
    Is certainly him but no Amy ?? wonder if you know what happened. Not sure who the girl is in the photos…I know he has a sister.

    • Mmmm, yes – it does seem like him doesn’t it? He mentions a girl called Anna a few times on that link. Perhaps Amy is no more? Can you email him?

  32. yes doesnt seem to have a working email address but no mention of wondered if she was ok as they were very close.

  33. Hi MeMock,
    Your blog has inspired me to set up my own dotcom ( It is now up and running but not at full capacity. Please considered adding it to your links. I would also like to add your site to my “favorite links,” as well. Thanks.

  34. HI

    We work with resorts through out Thailand and the world. We are looking to develop partnerships with travel bloggers.

    Please contact if your interested.

    Thank you in advance,


  35. You have such a lovely family and both my wife and I enjoy reading your Blog, especially about Ubon. We are living in Sakon Nakhon and plan to visit Ubon in several month. Keep up the good work

  36. I stumbled upon your blog and although I’ve only read a fraction of content, I have bookmarked you for my future quiet times. We are hoping for a return visit to Lam Lukka this summer to be with my mother’s family. I am Thai/American and to date have visited native lands only 3 times. Words can not express how blessed I was for the opportunity to share the culture with my husband and two children during the summer of 2010.
    Thank you for stirring the memories as most days my heart yearns for Thailand. I look forward to reading more in my spare time.

    • Hi Beth,
      So good to hear from you. I hope you get a chance at some stage to read it all! I also hope for you, many future returns to this wonderful country called Thailand.

  37. Mocky!!!!!
    Your blog was on my old computer!!!!! I was going thru my emails and saved a copy of all the blogs I look at in one of my folders!!!! was clearing it out when I found it again 😉
    See you when your next in Kunners!!!

  38. David Whitehead

    Great site and many thanks. Im married to a wonderful Thai woman form Roi Et and currently living in Singapore. We will be heading back to visit family in October but want to include a visit to Don Det in Laos. Thinking at this stage to fly direct to Ubon but not sure wether to rent a vehicle or use public transport. My question is how easy are the roads and signposting ? Have you done this trip at all ?

    Cheers David

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for saying hi and glad you are enjoying the blog. Flying direct to Ubon is one option to get to Don Det but the other is to take a Lao Airlines flight to Pakse from Bangkok and then it is very easy to get down to Don Det by bus or van or whatever. Just remember that hire vehicles are not allowed to cross from Thailand into Lao so that rules out that option of yours. From Ubon there is an international bus that leaves twice a day and goes all the way through to Pakse so that might suit if you are keen on going through Ubon.

  39. I’m familiar with Kimberley, only because there’s a huge map of Australia on my toilet wall. Each time I take a piss I learn a bit more about the geographics of the country. When I visit next year, I sure won’t need a map.

    Brilliant site by the way.

    • Haha, good on ya Pat. I learnt a lot of Geography the same way over the years! So when you get to Australia do you have any plans on where you are going to visit?

  40. Perth to see an old school friend Zak, possibly my dads old 60s stomping grounds of Darwin & Alligator Rivers, definitely Melbourne & Brisbane. Haven’t made a plan of sorts but 4-6 weeks will be the aim. Lake Mackay is also in the plans purely because it’s named after me!

  41. How did you manage to retire at 30? I envy your lifestyle. Wish I was in a position to move to Thailand and stay with my fiancée of 12 months. I’m a young looking 37. Long way to go till my retirement. Great blog by the way. Do let me know your retire early secret 😉

    • Hi Andrew – nice name!

      Thanks for your comment. Retiring at 30 was due to heaps of hard work after leaving high school. Saving my money – good timing and a little luck. I wish there was secret but I’m afraid there isn’t. To be honest though – I haven’t actually retired, just now I can spend my time on investing and working on projects of my own choice and not someone else’s. I wish you all the best with your fiancé. One question – why don’t you organise her to come to your country of residence?

      • A little luck?! Sounds like a lot of luck! Thanks for reply. My fiancée has visited with her youngest daughter for 10 weeks in summer to England. We successfully applied for a Visitor VISA for them both. I’m always saving proof of our relationship for a future Settlement VISA applications for her and her two daughters to reside with me in the UK. My first dream is for us to be and live together. My second is to start a family with her. My ultimate dream though is to be able to retire with my fiancée back in Thailand (or her home country of Laos).

        • Hard work makes luck as well. All the best with your goals. One would assume though that actually being married instead of engaged would help make the process so much easier for you both?

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